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Jack burton said:
what a ****. But going back in topic I dont have any space tekken copies lying around. But what have ya got on the way?

tekken 4
It means counting a dubious CDr of 3 and a Digital Download of 5
I have 1 through 6 , plus Tekken Tag Tournament and TTT HD.
(not counting death by degrees here either as its a bit rubbish)

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Pyongyang said:
Was that in the Pav?

No, it.was in Donaghmede, and the only one they had. Just call any branch, they can check stock nationwide.

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CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Had a look, turned out they mislabeled Bangaio as Big Bang Mini, which suggests that someone traded it in, it wasn't on the system, so the minion picked something with the word "Bang' in it and gave him a few cents tradein value for it.
That's my theory anyway, likely the guy or gal traded in a whole bunch of stuff.

The upshot of this is its likely that Gamestop don't have it on the system and so wont be able to tell you if they have another Bangaio in another store, I got lucky I guess!

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Dale Parish Registered User

The futuristic-looking-past... coming to a desk near me.

Don't have any pics of my own yet but when I get around to my routine London trip I shall take many a pic.

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Sparks43 Registered User

Dale all i will say is..........

Im going to kill you and take that

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Looks like its been robbed off of the set of The IT Crowd!
"Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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Getting my XBOX 'Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest' consoles glitched and fiddled with this weekend. No longer shall NTSC-J-only XBOX 360 games be a stranger to my homestead!

Few other bits n bobs on their way over the next week or so.

Also, ordered myself a cheeky copy of this last night:

a5y Registered User

My first retro console purchase! A Dreamcast!
(via adverts.ie too).

Yes its a blue spiral so yes its PAL and isn't a slightly more exotic import.

I'm going to need to be doing some maintenance and some upgrades on this - the system clock battery needs replacing, I don't own a VMU to save anything on, have a single controller and currently using an RF cable to connect to a TV. For all the scorn this lowliest of cables gets it does its job of testing the console is in good working order prefectly well.

When I do upgrade to a VGA box/mod + a VGA compatible TV/dedicated monitor I think I'll appreciate the picture quality more this way too.

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a5y Registered User

Also, my first game for it - Chu Chu Rocket (again PAL, manual and disc only - no original case or other printed bits and bobs). Only played it for a few minutes to see everything is running smoothly

I've already bought my next game for it too on eBay since its something I've been dying to play for years. I'll post that up here when it arrives (hopefully next weekish). No box or manual for it though, figure what that'd cost extra would be better spent towards everything else the Dreamcast needs. Like a VMU. And that clock battery. That will get annoying fast if I don't do something about it...

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Welcome to the addiction club.

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OwaynOTT Registered User

Yeah its only a matter of time before your doing unspeakable things to get your next retro fix.

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

I think I speak for everyone when I say...

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CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Picked up Gunbird for the ps2 and Nanostray2 for DS, cost me a tenner all together in Gamestop.
Also Raiden 3 arrived, haven't played it yet but it seems to boot up fine on the TEST Ps2.
Kerbdog also gave me 5 lovely Compact Flash cards, for the GNet, free of charge! Thanks man!

johnny_ultimate Production Model EVA-02

Good try, His Master's Voice. Pricing the limited edition of The Last Story at the same price as the standard? Nice ploy, but I'm not falling for that trick again. It's only a cardboard box, a steelcase and short CD / artbook that will end up gathering dust in my room. Ultimately entirely superfluous to my needs and bank balance. I'll go spend my money on something worthwhile, thank you very much.


**** you HMV, **** you.

(seems like a waste including both the standard box and a steelcase?)

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CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Played a bit of Raiden III and Gunbird, it's all good baby, its all good...
Can't wait to pick up my Sony 21" and pop it on its side, going to wire it into the existing setup and when needed for shooting duties, I just turn it on, that's the plan anywho...

Will I have to degauss the TV I wonder?

Also, just got negative feedback on adverts from a guy who said I was ad spoiling, it was a gold N64 controller, he said it was "perfect" aside from the small fact that the analog stick wasn't working, "an easy fix" he said.
I pointed out that the item was hardly, therefore, perfect given most games need said stick.
He got nasty and gave me negative feedback, despite me not buying from him!
I have duly reports his ass, lets hope the mods sort him out, have a look for the ad, tell me if I went too far...

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