bagaspuds Registered User

I have just looked at the Bet Angel website.
Has anyone ever used it?
Is it safe?

I don't like giving my Betfair username.
Why do they need this?
Does it link in with the Betfair trading odds?

wb Registered User

I've been using it for trading for over 3 years and it's 100% safe. I mainly use gruss now but Peter (founder of Betangel) is a great guy and I've met him a couple of times.

What is it you want to do?

It's basically a betfair API - it gives you access to the 'back-end' of Betfair so you can do things like one click betting, multi second refreshing etc. In other words, it's perfect for trading.

If you don't give them your Betfair details, how do you expect to log in to your betfair account with their software?

Just be sure you know what you want to do before purchasing. What exactly are you trying to do and I may be able to advise.

bagaspuds Registered User

I'm interested in the Price Predictor in Soccer Mystic.
What i want to do is compare the statistically predicted odds for the different Betfair markets with that of the trading odds. Identify a margin and presto! - license to print money.......if only.

I would like to have a look at it though.
How good is the statistical data?


bagaspuds Registered User

Well I downloaded Bet Angel & Soccer Mystic last night.
I got the hang of them fairly guickly. It's frightening how accurate the Soccer Mystic Price Predictor is. I followed it for both Man U and Chelsea (at half time now) Champions Leagues games tonight.
It was within 1 or 2 % points (propability) of the market for both the Correct Score and Match Odds markets.

I have both the Profesional Versions and the Mystic Soccer on a 1 weeks free trial. Is it worth buying?
If the predictor keeps following the market, then no.
If it shows a margin, then maybe.

wb Registered User

I have to admit that I've never used Soccer Mystic. I used to use Bet Angel alright but moved to gruss so never got a chance.

bagaspuds Registered User

Soccer Mystic looks interesting. I am a little sceptical about it, to be honest. There is a facility in it that allows you to play along the predictions with the match as it happens. These predictions map very closely the odds coming in from betfair. However if you do not use the timer and move the timer manualy, the odds are very different from betfair. It's like as if the software moves it own predictions closer to betfair when it knows the match is on.

Incidently anyone know of any other software that tries to predict soccer odds in-play?

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