Hi all,

Although have regular periods and all other hormones are good, we've just got the devasting news that I have amh result of 9, which is very low, especially for my age. Doc says we should go straight to ivf.

So I have some questions.

Do any of you have advice for how to prepare for ivf?

I've heard of a very good acupunturist around Merrion Square who is supposed to help increase the number of eggs. Does anyone have her details or any other tips?

Have any of you had successful pregnancy/ivf with low amh result?

Any tips much appreciated. Thanks.

oh well , okay Registered User

Can't comment on your particular circumstances as my medical knowledge of IVF would be fairly limited but as someone who has and presently is going through IVF my advice would be (in no particular order) ......

Don't stress , yes it's tough and it gets you down but try and keep your chin up .

Talk to your partner about what's going on and don't forget to ask him how he's faring .

Drink PLENTY of water and eat healthy . My wife has found drinking plenty of water to be a great help .

Spoil yourselves when you get the chance .

Don't be afraid to ring the clinic with any queries - no matter how small .

Have realistic expectations , it won't be a smooth journey and things probably will go wrong along the way . Cycles will be postponed or cancelled but that's all part of it so stay positive !

Don't know how you'd feel telling people about what you're going through but I'd recommend telling some close friends/family , it does help to talk to someone not directly involved in the whole thing.

Have a plan , decide how many cycles you're willing to attempt and try to stick to it .

If you haven't already - JOIN THE DPS scheme , I cannot stress that enough although I'm sure the clinic has pointed this out to you already .

There's a sticky at the top of this page with some useful links in it so check that out and also the womens health council recently published the first Irish IVF study so check that out on their web site .

Lastly .... Good luck !!

Good Luck Guest

Join the Ireland board at www.ivfconnections.com . The support and information there is invaluable.

Be good to yourselves - it's a tough journey.

This is a personal one, but we told very few people. As it didn't work out for us, I'm glad we did. However, I did tell my boss, who was very sympathetic and let me have plenty of time off when I needed it.

Tell your GP in advance - she can then issue you with any sick certs that you may need to cover you for any absences.

I hope everything goes well for you.

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