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i'm sure someone has already asked this, but can anyone tell me where the bus stop on the atrium road actually isn relation to dublin airport? i have googled it and can't get a straight answer, is it near departures?? i really don't want to be lugging cases for miles (yeah slight exageration). Please please please can anyone help????

probably the wrong place to post this, but i know the wonderful navi's will put it in the right place for me, cos they're nice like that!


Indeed a nice Mod will... I'm good like that!

I would guess that Atrium Road is the road along Arrivals, as that's where most buses come in. What bus is it you're looking to get?

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it's the bus eireann bus, it'll be droppin me off at the "atrium" bus stop at like, 4am,so i kinda want to have an idea of where that is, I'll be disorientated due to lack of sleep and also, it'll be pitch black at that hour, and i have 2 cases and hand luggage to deal with,i think i need a butler......


Ah! The B.E. Stops are alongside the entrance to arrivals, so you've only a few meters to walk to get into the terminal building.

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Hi all,

I have a related question: where is the bus station for Goldline at the Dublin Airport? And where can I buy the bus ticket?


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