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Hi All,

I seen a few mentions in this forum of having porridge and a coffee/espresso an hour before running. I understand the porridge, but what's the benefit of having a coffee? I woulda thought it would bring along the runners trots, or is that the point, a preemptive strike if you will??

bourne99 Registered User

That's quite funny - I came 30th in the docklands run last year mainly because I needed to go to the jacks!! I can't say I'd recommend it though!

stevie_b Registered User

caffeine is a stimulant which has been found to improve endurance excercise performance. when comsumed post-exercise (generally with carbohydrates) it helps muscle glycogen resynthesis, and it also stimulates lipolysis (breakdown of fat). basically you will have more fuel for your next days training.

personally i can't eat anything for several hours before running, or drink anything except water as i'll often get a stitch. i love my coffee after training though!

Krusty_Clown Registered User

Yes, it very helpful for.....encouraging the export of waste product. But drink a good hour or two before your run.

RJC Registered User

I always have porridge and an espresso. The shot of caffeine does two things - it loosens the bomb doors for the launch of the Titanic and during the run it increases endurance (perceived or actual).

My own opinion is that it helps with concentration which allows you to mentally associate with the activity and keeps the panic monkeys under lock and key.

brutes Registered User

perks you up before a run i find, guaranteed to give you the sh&$%ts though...


i've actaully been cutting back on the old coffee the past while, one cup in the morning is grad but I was becoming a junkie , problem with having a free coffee machine in the office.

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I accept all of the (perceived ) advantages of coffe as outlined by the posters above, but what about the diuretic and dehydrating effects of the coffee?

Just finished Sonia's biog and she was a divil for the coffee. That might explain a few things .......

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