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Hi, have a bit of a problem with writing my cv. It says list Skills/Achievments and basically im lost on what to write?

I left school in 2005 and went straight into work in construction and have been working there up until last month. So what can I really put down as a skill or achievment?

Going straight into gainful employment after school? Im a tradesman so do I list all the skills I attained while working on building sites?

Any help??? Thanks

cronos Registered User

Its not about skills in that section I would expect.

Say stuff like

I worked as part of a team which sucessfully built a large appartment block between january 2008 and september 2008. My work was of high standard and met the expectactions of both my employer and the client.

I was a supervisor for.....

artful_codger Registered User

cronos said:
My work was of high standard

builders / high standard ? the clowns that built my apartment put the doors on back-to-front

cronos Registered User

artful_codger said:
builders / high standard ? the clowns that built my apartment put the doors on back-to-front

All the more reason to say your work is of high standard if you arent the kind of builder who puts on doors back to front.

miec Registered User

Hi Op

What type of construction work did you do? Can you drive a fork lift truck or operate other types of construction equipment? Did you do carpentry/ painting/ labouring? If so how many bricks could you lay in an hour (I don't know if this of value to an employer). If you are going for a job outside of construction you can put in the CV that you can transfer many of these skills into the new job eg: working under pressure (ie: meeting contract deadlines, etc). Also have you done anything like First Aid or health and safety awareness, working with chemicals, etc, all of these can be useful. Spend time writing down every little detail, you would be suprised what you can dig up.

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