With search down I'm unable to find anything on this. Basically, flying on Sunday with Aer Lingus and wondering if anyone has had trouble taking a Buzz as their collapsable pushchair?

I'm just a little worried that it may be too large...

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Not too large, loads of people have probably taken twin buggies with twins on flights. Quinny Buzz is a pushchair so no trouble there.

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There should be no problems - just ask them to print you off 2 tags for the buggy as it comes in 2 parts.


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Thanks guys. I had read somewhere else that the "self opening" mechanism might be a concern, but I could use a belt or something to keep it closed if needs be.

I might check to see if there is a travel bag for it that we could pop the whole thing into to keep it clean. The pushchair bit has only just been taken out of its box (we had been using the dreami and a Maxi-Cosi up to now), so would hate for it to get manky the first time it's used!

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AFAIK there is no travel bag for it unfortunately. I've never had it spring open while travelling. I took another buggy away this year and bought a travel bag which meant that the airline staff mistakenly treated it like a bag of golf clubs when taking it out of the plane - i.e. when to stick it down to baggage reclaim rather than at the bottom of the steps.

If you have been using the maxi cosi until recently and will be travelling you might consider bringing the carseat with you instead of the buggyseat? That means you have a reliable carseat at the other end. I'm assuming that you have a child under 1 year of age? I've travelled with my baby a good bit and after an experience where I requested a rear facing car seat & got given a forward facing one with no alternative I always travel with a maxi cosi for safety sake.

BTW If you fold the Buzz in the forward facing position you don't need to remove the seat.


She's three months old, still fits in the Maxi Cosi comfortably. We weren't bringing the maxi-cosi because we'd been of the belief that it wouldn't be taken as it doesn't "fold flat" per se.

If we could take that instead of the Buzz seat, we'd be laughing.

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I'd bring the maxicosi. It's still a 2 part buggy. If you had the buggy rear facing with the regular seat you would still have to take it apart to fold it.

Best of luck!

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