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i have an old, small (14in) sanyo tv and a basic aerial which i got in argos. when i plugged the aerial into the tv rte1 came up, but how do i tune in to other channels? i've pressed the little buttons on the front of the tv, and the buttons on the remote, but i can't find any way of searching for other channels or tuning in or anything. there are no knobs or buttons on the aerial so can't get any from that..

the remote control pretty much just has the same buttons as the tv:
1-9, 0, -/--, a larger square with a dot in bottom right hand corner and a smaller square with a Y with an extra stalk in the middle of the Y (all one button), program + and -, volume + and -, an F beside a square with three dots along the bottom, two arrows pointing in towards a dot, TV/square with and arrow pointing into it, P<>P, mute, brightness, power

..sorry for long description of remote, but i'm guessing i need to use that to tune, so any help would be really appreciated, in idiot-proof language please; i don't understand any techie stuff..


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Any chance you could find the model number of the TV, it should be on the back near where there is compliance info stating the voltage the set is rated for?

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it's C14EA80E.

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no, mine isn't like that one. my remote has no menu button

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oh and the number on the lhs of the remote is 1AVOU1OBOOB8OO
and it says JXRA on the rhs

i looked on the website you gave a link to, polyfusion, and typicallly neither of those two numbers are listed there.


Does the remote have Sanyo written on it? If not, and going by your description of the buttons, then it's probably just a generic simple universal remote.

The good thing is that Sanyo is usually well represented in more advanced universal remote controls. If you're near a Lidl or Aldi, you can probably get one for €10-€15, or Argos, or any tv shop really. I'd say getting a universal remote like this is the best bet you have of getting into the install menu.


Is this your remote ?

I'm guessing its the PP button and then the program or volume button to navigate the on screen menu.

The replacement is a IRC81164 for the model either way and it looks like this below



If it is, then it looks like the F button might be for getting to "functions", like tuning. The volume keys are linked to it, and probably used for switching menus.

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thanks for the help & suggestions!
yes, that is my remote.
when rte1 is on (it's "channel" 6), pressing PP does nothing. when there is just static on the screen (i.e. when I've changed over from rte1) pressing PP changes to the previous "channel" - from 9 to 8, or likewise.
the F button has colour, brightness and contrast options and < > when you press it repeatedly.


The < > might be the function for tuning.

When you have that selected, have you tried pressing the volume up/down buttons to see if it starts searching?

Best to try it on a channel other than where you have RTE1 (would hate to see you loose your only channel!).

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According to http://www.tvtuning.co.uk/makes/sanyo.htm you need to press, and hold down (as oppose to just pressing and imediately releasing) the F key to access the tuning menu. Might be worth a try.

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thanks again for your help!

nothing has worked though

when the < > thing is up I tried the volume controls, and the sound just went up and down.

i also held down the F button for a few seconds and a little number appeared in the bottom corner when I was on one of the static channels, but I couldn't do anything else - the volume buttons, program buttons, etc all worked as normal, nothing changed.

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it sounds like you can only tune the tv by using the buttons on the tv itself. We had one at work (a mitsubishi) quite a few years ago, and there were five matchstick like buttons behind the bottom flap.

As far as I remember, the tuning was switched on by pushing in a small push on/push off switch. this started the tuning menu. then two others tuned up/down while held in, another would advance the channel number and the one that switched on/off the afc would store the channel when it was switched off and then on. One of the buttons might have changed the band from vhf to uhf, can't remember now.

Can you look at the buttons and see what symbols are on/beside them or on the flap itself? If they have "p" and "m" among them they're definitely for tuning. You might need a bright light to help see hem clearly.

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Sanyo support here:

if you download the CRT manual for CRT 14M1 it's for a C14EA90B , and might be similar enough to sort you out.

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