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GTR63 said:
Punk is expected to be on the top of the card for months to come......wait WHAT? When did this start to happen

When Cena's wife decided to start divorce proceedings

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Those newzsite versions of the Wrestling Observer "stories" hurt my head.

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sounds like Punk's gonna take Cena's place as the titleless main eventer. seriously devalues the WWE Title if it's never gonna be defended in the PPV's Main Event


The only way they will bring back the value and credibility to the WWE title is to scrap the WHC and bring back the Undisputed title, including the original looking belt.

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Word is that after the Daniel Bryan feud finishes, Punk will move onto a feud with former IC Champion Cody Rhodes.

I thought Punk/Bryan feud would last until Summerslam, I would love to see a Punk/Christian feud or even Ziggler back in the WWE title picture, btw did Ziggler do something wrong his push seems to be over?

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A Ziggler/Punk feud would be great. I'd put Vicki with someone else and push them as a heel, I don't like Ziggler and Swagger together - they should both be pushed as single competitors. But saying that, even though I really like Swagger, I think he'd sink rather than swim on his own.

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Was wondering to whether to post this as he isnt a big name in the US or here but the story is rather interesting NOSAWA, a long time wrestler in Mexico and Japan is SOOOOOOOOOOO screwed:

Well, time to cross out Black Tiger from this year's BOSJ. NOSAWA's been arrested at Narita Airport for allegedly smuggling drugs. On a return from Mexico he brought along a portrait that contained 75 grams of marijuana (street price 450,000 yen) hidden inside and was caught going through Narita Airport. NOSAWA denies knowing there were drugs inside the painting and says the portrait was a gift he received from Mexican fans.

Io Shirai was with him at the time and was also arrested as a suspect.

Just debuted in New Japan under a new gimmick as the next "Black Tiger".

Here they are posing with said paintings:

For those who dont know Marijuana is viewed culturally as worse than Heroin in Japan.

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Nicki Minaj, a young one going to her first disco or ladyboy?

Current FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero) debuted a new look at last night’s FCW TV tapings, one that may have been previously discussed for Layla on WWE’s main roster. There were rumors over a year ago of WWE doing a character similar to pop star Lady Gaga with Layla. Diaz debuted a new blonde look with new make-up at last night’s tapings and a group of friends in attendance noted that it reminded them of Gaga.

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See, wrestling is a classless industry. Unless you throw a lot of money into her attire and present her as a superstar, this "Gaga" getup will just make her look like a whore. And she doesn't look like a superstar here.

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That looks makes her look more like a extra from The Commitments than lady gaga i'm afraid.
Why give her a new look her surname should be enough to get her over as a heel or face.

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I still would.

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Dave Meltzer had a funny story in the Observer that gives an insight into the mind of Vince McMahon. The National a weekly all sports newspaper that it was very well respected for its writing but it went out of business fairly quickly:

Frank Deford, generally regarded as one of the best sportswriters who ever lived, and who was a personal mentor of mine some 22 years back when I worked at The National, released a new autobiography this month called “Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter.” In the book, he spoke about Rodney Dangerfield, who he did a series of TV commercials with, and talked about what a jerk he was. Then he said that of all the people he had come across in his life, Dangerfield was only No. 2 on the list, saying No. 1 was Vince McMahon. This one relates directly to me and I am mentioned in the story briefly. It actually had to do with a story at a birthday party for John Fillipelli in 1991, a close personal friend of Deford who at the time was one of the top executives in WWF. Deford and his wife were at the party, as was Vince and a lot of WWF execs. At the time, Vince was mad at Deford because Deford made the call to hire me, ironically based on the recommendation of one of McMahon’s best friends, Dick Ebersol, as well as the sports editor at the time of the Los Angles Times, John Cherwa. At the party, everyone decided to go bowling. At the bowling alley, apparently there was someone bowling that night named Dick, and Patterson and Vince kept making jokes about penises whenever he’d bowl, which apparently had the Fillipelli family rolling their eyes because these were all upper class types there. Then McMahon and Pat Patterson stole one shoe from Deford as well as his wife while they had their bowling shoes on. Keep in mind these aren’t 20 year olds. Vince at this point is 45 or 46, Patterson is 50, Deford was 52. So when they’re done bowling, the Defords can’t find their shoes and McMahon and Patterson are laughing. So they figure okay, joke, where’s the shoe. But McMahon and Patterson never gave up the shoes and they actually had to leave the party with one shoe each. It’s one thing to do it to a guy, but then doing it to his wife? But what Deford actually was madder about is that after the death of Chris Benoit, Deford wrote a piece, based on an article I wrote at the time, about deaths in pro wrestling. Since it came from Deford, when McMahon testified before Henry Waxman’s committee, and they brought up the article, McMahon claimed that Deford held a grudge against him because he and his wife had their shoes stolen at a party. The idea that he wrote an article about dozens of dead wrestlers, and Vince’s explanation of the article is that he stole the guys shoes 16 years earlier and he was holding a grudge.

Here's Vince talking about it when giving testimony to the US government!

McDevitt is Vince's Lawyer the rest are investigators.

Mr. Cohen: What about -- some of his work received coverage in a number of other more mainstream outlets, for example, Sports Illustrated. I believe Frank Deford did a story on the Meltzer numbers. Are you famliar with this?

Vince McMahon: Look, I've borrowed one of Frank Deford's shoes on night. He doesn't like me.

Mr. Cohen: Are you familiar with his story?

Vince McMahon: No. Other than Frank Deford wrote something derogatory. But, you know, he has no sense of humor and he doesn't like me. We were bowling one night and I borrowed one of his shoes and he never found it. And so he had to walk home in a bowling shoe and one of his others, and he was upset about that I understand.

Mr. Leviss: I'm going to have to note that would be upsetting too.

Mr. O'Neil: Now we know the rest of the story.

Mr. McDevitt: You're hearing something for the first time, too. I never heard that one.

Mr. McMahon: Well, actually I also borrowed one of his wife's shoes, too.

Mr. McDevitt: That's a whole different story.

Mr. McMahon: I left that part out.

Mr. Leviss: I take it she was not your size.

Mad man

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Did he not just debut a new shirt a month or two ago?


That font and colour scheme is awful. Its barely legible and does not stand out or attract the eye.

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