On Thursday morning after a bowel movement I kinda over did it with regards to cleaning as I put at a lot of pressure on the toilet paper while moving it up and down. I then walked into town and it got REALLY itchy and sore so I went into the toilet and wiped my anus again but this time there was a small red-ish stains on the toilet paper (blood [but it was very faint]). I sat down for about 40mins and then I had to do a 30min walk and it was sore again but not as bad as before. I did bits of walking again but wasn't really that bad.
Yesterday I didn't go for a bowel movement till late last night and I didn't have any real pain or discomfort.
Today I did have a bowel movement that did require some cleaning up and I walked into town again but once I was in the pain and discomfort was back and walked home but it was really unenjoyable walk home as I was in a lot of pain. That was about an hour ago now and I am very little discomfort.

I don't think it is anything serious or anything like I think my skin around my anus is a bit raw. If it doesn't go away in the next week I plan to go to the doctor about it but is there anything I can do in the mean time?

Xiney Registered User

You really should go to the doctor.

Until then though, you can use baby wipes on your bottom, which will be less irritating than toilet paper.

Colonel_McCoy Registered User

Go to the doc, could be anything........piles\worms etc

MLE Registered User

Get anusol HC suppositories or cream over the counter from your chemist, this should ease the pain and itching, if it doesn't improve within a week see your GP, maybe you should be very gentle when cleaning yourself for a while.

dudara Administrator

Go seek advice from a pharmacist - they will be able to recommend something to ease the discomfort. Obviously, if it continues, take thee to a doctor.

tfak85 Registered User

Xiney said:

Until then though, you can use baby wipes on your bottom, which will be less irritating than toilet paper.

you need to be a little bit careful, baby wipes can clog up your loo.. don't know if you are male or female but get some feminine wipes instead, these are flushable and have less irritants than baby wipes (believe it or not)...

also, as mad as it might sound try and get a mirror that you can sit over to see if you can spot anything unusual, this might help you when talking to a pharmacist too...

best of luck, i'm sure you're uncomfortable and hope you feel better soon!

Darthhoob Registered User

you can get moist toilet wipes which are gentle and flushable. i tend to get this now and then, toilet roll can seem quite harsh these days especially if you have been constipated, have the runs or just a big poo aggravates the tear that may have happened and makes it sore.

cream would be a good thing, and if it does not improve after a while then go see a GP...nothing to be embarrassed about

mukki Registered User

OP go to a doctor

if doctor does not find a cure, try an alternative medicine practitioner, sometimes stomach yeast infections can cause itchy ass

Overheal Covfefe Connoisseur

Ill repeat what most labels say: If symptoms last longer than a week (or 4 hours. Depends on the label...), go see a doctor.

You're sure you didnt just eat something stupid, like really spicy chilly? Spoiler alert: That **** comes back to haunt you in a bad way.

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