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Hi All,

Would be interested in finding out about the job prospects for psychologists in Ireland at the present time. With the public service not recruiting are there many vacancies out there?


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Public service (HSE) have just finished a recruitment drive for psychologists, HSE have been doing about 50 interviews a day for the last week for both basic and staff grade psychologists. This drive was to fill panels for the next 12 months or longer. However this is no indication that there are actually any jobs coming on board any time soon. It could well be a PR stunt or just the poor souls in HR having had nothing to do for the past 18 months doing something to justify their jobs!!

However prospects are good enough, there are a few private companies still hiring (Headway, Enable Ireland, Bros of Charity, SJOG etc.) and the HSE, at least before this drive were taking people on, and giving them temp. contracts.

It all depends on the type of psychologist you are talking about. Clinical psychologists nearly always find it easier to get jobs in health services than Counselling psychologists, mostly due to them covering a wider spectrum of client populations during their training. It is also down to a greater number of principal psychologists being trained as clinical psychologists, and rightly or wrongly sticking to what they know.

For educational psychologists, NEPS, the psychology service for the Dept of Education and Science, recuited a few people last year, but have been promised greater numbers in the coming years. Good few Ed. Psych's working in private practice

Not many jobs for forensic psychologists in the republic, although the Probation service of N. Ireland just hired a number of people into basic positions, a good few from down south.

Have no idea about organisational psychologists, have never seen too many advertisements, but have heard from reliable sources that many are (or at least were) recurited from their graduating year.

Still see a good number of jobs re-advertised repeatedly, mostly in cork, kerry area and tend to be in autism services for what ever reason!

Seems to be quite quiet in the greater dublin area but other areas seem to be recieving funding, and apparantly finding it difficut to get positions filled.

So not too bad in the long run, and can only improve from here! But really depends the area you want to get into, I have found that once we find a service we are happy in there is very little movement because you are always building competencies and improving your work.

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Hey Grigzz,

Thanks a lot for your really comprehensive reply. You have covered all of the bases!! Was looking more towards working with children in disability services so good to hear that the HSE and voluntary bodies are still recruiting!


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Worth noting that in the recent moratorium on recruitment in the HSE, which applies in general, some professions, including psychologists, were specifically excluded. This means that psychology posts can still be filled and advertised for in the usual ways.

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