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These guys have a .ie domain, and a brand that suggests they are Europe- based. At no point during their order process does it suggest otherwise.

Until your lens order shows up 6 weeks later by ground mail, shipped from the US with a customs bill for VAT and a processing fee. I used them for the 1st (and last) time recently because my new prescription is not widely carried. I had a bitch at their customer service's email address, but they've ignored that completely.

I went thru the order process again to make sure I hadn't missed some subtle fine print first time around. But no, it seens deliberately set up to hide the reality from potential customers. You could be lucky and have your shipment make it thru without a charge. Or you could get shafted.

There's plenty of EU based competitors, so advise avoid...

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It's worth noting that if you're buying on line from outside the EU you can buy goods up to a value of €22 without incurring any VAT charges. Goods up to a value of €150 may be imported without payment of Customs Duty. To avoid these packages being stopped by Customs, the value should be clearly marked on the label. However, VAT and import duty is charged on importations of tobacco, tobacco products, alcoholic product and perfumes even if they cost less than €22.

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I ordered my contact lenses from thinking that they are Ireland based and that i got a great deal.

After 7-8 weeks of waiting they finally arrived and to my surprise I had to pay extra for customs, VAT and collect charges..

Never again!

ibarelycare Hosted Moderator

So pissed off with this company too. The first few times I ordered from them, they were fine, but in July I ordered a box of contact lenses and they took over a month to arrive. The box had been opened and searched by customs but I didn't incur any extra charges. I decided to give them another try, thinking that it was probably just unlucky that customs had gotten to it...I hope this is the case!

I ordered last week and the order status is still "Processing" and money still hasn't been taken off my credit card. Absolutely ridiculous. Mailed them today but God knows when I'll hear back from them. I know I shouldn't have used them again, but they're the cheapest site that I can get my Focus Colour Dimensions from (€43 for a box of 6).

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I got stung like many others ordering from As I used a link from Pigsback (Thankfully they've now removed it so might prevent some others falling into the same trap) and because it had .ie and free postage to Europe on their site I presume I was ordering from Ireland. I was quoted a price in euros but the amount went through my account in USD so the amount charged to me credit card was more. When I e-mailed them it was then that I discovered I'd ordered from the US. I had checked the returns policy etc before I ordered and the address was in the UK no mention of outside the EU except in very small print where I discovered TOO late that I 'could be subject to customs charges'. I contacted Visa who said I had to wait a month before they could refund me and low and behold on day 29 the lens arrived along with a request from the delivery guy for €50. Wish I'd read this post before I ordered. We were waiting so long for the delivery that I had to order more as my son ran out so got them in double quick time from Yourlenses who I'd used before and deliver from Sweden. BUYER BEWARE

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Just got stung here for VAT and PO charge as well, come to €20.96.

I am pissed off, just emailed them there.

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There are a few threads running on the topic of Customs Charges so not sure where to post this but just wondering if anyone has any advice.

I have an unusual situation where I purchased a bulk load of items to the value of around 150 quid. Then I returned one of the items to be repaired under warrenty. Then the returning item was held by customs. I explained I didn't have the original receipt as it was part of an earlier bulk order to the value of X. Now they are chaising me to pay the customs charges on the original goods dispite the fact that they let them through on an earlier date.

So even if do not claime the current individual item, can they still come after me for the cost of the original order which was not stopped by customs?

Seve OB Registered User

sounds like a major scam here

i was under the belief that you had to be an irish company to get a .ie website so there may be cause for complaint here

having said that, i've been buying lenses for years from and have never had to pay customes duty of any kind


Bit like shutting the door after the horse has bolted but, one way (but not foolproof) of seeing where a site is based, is using Flagfox on Firefox, If you put into the browser the little flag in the right of the address box tells you they are in the US. Click on the little flag and it gives you more info.

Sorry to everyone who has been stung by the way.

Squiggle Registered User

Flagfox identifies as being US based but it's based in Portugal and I know that to be true because I have bought lenses from them. correctly shows them to be based in Portugal, and to be US based. I don't know how reliable is in general.

rsmike Registered User

Silly me for not googling these guys before ordering lenses, I got scammed also, 5 week delivery and €15 bill from An Post.

I have just lodged a complaint with IEDR asking how Eurolens "demonstrated a real and substantive connection with Ireland" when they were given this domain ( that is one of the requirements to get an IE domain), and referred to this thread in my complaint.

Lets see how they respond


UPDATE: OK here is their response already from IEDR:

Thank you for your email

I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties with this company.

As you can see from this link, all companies need to provide a connection to Ireland:

One of the criteria is

- Copies of invoices (showing trade to or from Ireland)

This company that you refer to, does fulfil this requirement.

The issue seems to be with the information they are providing on their website, which
unfortunately we do not have any control over. We issue the domain name only.

I advise you to contact if you are concerned about the practises of this

I am sorry I cannot help you any further.

Kind regards

So seems like they don't care that consumers are being scammed as long as they get their registration numbers up and keep the money rolling in.

Not sure about their recommendation to contact, as it looks like they deal more with illegal activity?

rsmike Registered User

Thought it was a long shot but decided to try a complaint to hotline, here is the reply:

The service acknowledges the report you have submitted.

The Hotline service handles cases of suspected illegal content on the Internet especially Child Pornography
which is specifically illegal under the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act (1998).

I regret to inform you that the report you have made is outside of the Hotline's remit. This is because the content provided is not illegal (which is where can act) and what you are reporting is a consumer dispute and possible mis-advertising.

We suggest you refer the matters to the Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs an/or the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland

so now trying ......................

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any joy with that? i just got my lenses today with a customs bill. please wipe this website off the net!!!

Also, i had an argument with this company last week because the amount they charged to my credit card was a couple of euro more then what was on the online invoice (stated in euro). They initially wouldn't give the difference back to me. I had to quote contract law to get it.

rsmike Registered User

nolo_ said:
any joy with that? i just got my lenses today with a customs bill. please wipe this website off the net!!!

Also, i had an argument with this company last week because the amount they charged to my credit card was a couple of euro more then what was on the online invoice (stated in euro). They initially wouldn't give the difference back to me. I had to quote contract law to get it.

No Joy, it seems our consumer agency is powerless, here is their reply:

Thank you for contacting the National Consumer Agency (NCA) with your query regarding the domain of the Eurolens website and apologies for the delay in responding to you.

We have referred your query to our Commercial Practices Division (CPD) for their review. However, from reviewing the information provided, it would appear that Lens Inc are trading as They are a registered body in Nevada and therefore, they are not subject to Irish Law or European Law. As this is the case, the query you raise has been closed by our Commercial Practices Division as Eurolens do not fall within the jurisdiction of the National Consumer Agency.

We trust you have found this information useful and if you have any further consumer related queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 1890 432 432.


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