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90mins of this type of stuff ^^^ yesterday in bedford. my first trip over since surgery and unreal DOMS today in hips,shoulders and neck,fun tho

That looks like deadly craic! How does it work, is it a fan, or magnets or something?

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dioltas said:
That looks like deadly craic! How does it work, is it a fan, or magnets or something?

Big fan basically,its used for training for skydiving, check it out on bodyflight.co.uk, its good craic alright, tough on the body though if you spend a bit of time in it.

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ME - Upper body

1km jog - 5min

band pullaparts

OH Squats
1x10 20kg
2x10 30kg

Bench Press
1x10 30kg
1x10 50kg
1x10 70kg
1x8 80kg
1x5 85kg
1x4 90kg
1x2 90kg

2x11 28kg DB Incline Press

4x12 60kg BB Bentover Row
4x10 12kg DB Rear delt raise

3x12 32kg DB Shrug
3x10 40kg BB Curl

1km run - 3.25min

Will increase the weight on the shrugs and OH squats next session. was wrecked for the 2nd 1Km run but it felt good to run fast for a change!

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50km cycle.

hopefully will get to the gym later on aswell.

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5min jog - 1km

1x10 20kg OHS
2X10 35kg

3x6 18" box jump
3x6 24" box jump
3x6 30" box jump

1x15 50kg Zercher Squat

1x10 90kg Deadlift

1x10 50kg Power Clean

1x5 33" box jump
2x5 42" box jump

painful but fun

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Sprint session

on Dangan track

2x400m jog warmup


400m jog


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hungover waste of time

3x15 28kg DB Bench Press

1x10 20kg Military press
1x10 40kg
2x10 50kg

everything felt heavy, threw in the towel at this point, one(10) too many vodkas last night....

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ME Upper Body

1km jog - 5min

band pullaparts

1x15 bar
1x10 50kg
1x8 70kg
1x6 80kg
1x5 90kg
1x3 92.5kg
1x2 95kg
1x1 100kg

2x12 28kg Inc DB Press

4x10 65kg BB Bentover Row
4x12 12kg Rear delt Raise

4x12 34kg DB Shrugs
4x10 16kg DB Curls

2km run - 8.40

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oh and entered the triathlone sprint triathlon on 4th June.
750m swim - 20km bike - 5km run. girlfriend is entering, she's a great swimmer and quick enough on the so better start doing some proper training for this, pride is at stake!

duathlon (7km run, 22km bike) this sunday should give me an indication of how much work needs to be done to regain fitness...

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Sprint session

800m jog warmup




400m strides/jog.

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90mins tunnel in bedford


college all day in galway. bad DOMS in hammers


90mins tunnel in bedford.

vomiting bug results in multiple trips to toilet during session


vomiting bug


Duathlon in Galway

Total time 1hr 19.20 for 7km run and 22km cycle.

32min run and 46min cycle. transition 1min

was still feeling **** this morning but gave it a lash anyway. reasonably happy with my run time as i was in bits for this and the course was quite hilly.
cycle was confortable enough but my poor run meant i was behind the main group so couldnt benefit from any group action.
good experience though, might do the run again when im fully fit, learned a lot.

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Swim session

5 x 100m

2 x 250m

1km total.

first time swimming in around a year, took plenty of breaks between the sets, next time ill go for 4 x 250 and keep building from there.

DOMS in quads and lower back after run, foam roll and stretch tonight.

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1km jog - 5min

band pullaparts

Bench Press
1x15 20kg
1x10 50kg
1x8 70kg
1x6 82.5kg
1x4 92.5kg
1x1 95kg
2x1 102.5kg

Military Press
1x10 20kg
1x10 40kg
3x5 50kg

felt crap so left it at that, gonna have to properly schedule my training so i can fit the cardio stuff in with decent weights sessions. also need to start squatting again

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watched a lot of rugby, no training though, disaster....

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repaet ISO-Kinetic test today.

results good but not great....

weighed in at 86kg. boths legs weighed in the same as last august.

strength and power are still good, endurance is way down.

both legs im still quad dominant, need to bring my hammers up in line (80%). physio says its not that my hammers are especially weak just good quad strength.

endurance in left leg excellent, right leg not so much.

vertical hop,horizontal hop, 6m time, triple hop all good, no real difference between the legs, knee is still a small bit unstable though.

tentative all-clear for return to sport. gotta really make sure my right leg is getting worked as hard as my left when exercising, do more single leg stuff and more hammer work.

finished with the rehab, no more physio, gonna take it easy for a while, bit of football maybe, will leave the rugby for a while yet. parachuting and triathlon all the way

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