Has anyone else noticed the major discrepancy between the timetables for given routes (such as the 5) on buseireann.ie versus the timetables as they appear on the actual bus stops? They don't correspond at all, and it is incredibly annoying, particularly on a Saturday evening when services are much less frequent.
Anyway, I just rang the complaints office on 0214557124 and received no help whatsoever. She is an utterly useless person in her capacity as a customer care representative, whoever she is. "Alright." "Okay". "They're supposed to arrive on time." "Okay." "Yeah." And then not so much as a "Have a nice day", or even a "Goodbye" from her, nevermind a promise to fix the problem.

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Furet: Writing to BÉ is your only recourse for the chance of any action on it.

You could call in to bus station if you want replies other than what you got on the phone - it's less easy to be fobbed off in person, but lets face it, you'd only be harassing someone behind a desk who has little to do with the problem. If that person does "officially" pass on your complaint, it's less effective I think than you clearly setting out in a letter yourself what the issue is, and sending it directly to BÉ.

I'd had entirely satisfactory responses from Irish Rail by writing properly to them.

Edit: Email maybe is almost as good, but I'm not sure they are as obliged to respond to emails as letters.

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