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ALL, I have some quick and hopefully simple questions.I have Plinth lighting set and UnderUnit lighting set, Both are Low Voltage Leds, with 2 seperate Plug In style Transformers. I would like to Operate these Lighting On a Double Switch... Ok Someone also gave me an idea about The plinth light working with a PIR, but that can wait. ... Just to avoid the obvious, I will get a spark, should this prove to be anything other than incredibly simple. But I would like to have an idea about what it entails.

Heres my best stab at it. A 3AMP FCU from the Kitchen Socket Radial. 2 No. T&E Exit the FCU...Connect to Double Light Switch... Connect to 2no. Single Sockets... Sockets are labeled clearly.. and located in rear of Kitchen Counter..2 Transformers plugged into 2 sockets... I'm aware that this could be complete bad practise and /or silly..so would like to get a good idea of how to go about this..so.

Whats the Simplest and best practise way of doing this? Thanks All. On another Note.. Is it possible to use a PIR for this type of application. Thanks again.

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the double switch and pir is prob overkill.i would use a switched spur into the double socket and label it (led lights only).if i was adding a pir i would prob locate the socket over the units on the wall(to prevent appliances being plugged in).pir should work fine with led afaik

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Ok, sounds good. Thanks again Dave.

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