SineadClancy said:
do you still have the Norton Anthology of English Literature book for sale?

Yeah i have it.

MarthaMyDear Registered User

Hi does anyone have Social Research Methods for sale? Thanks.

warmblood Registered User

Michellenman said:
Have a copy of 'En Bonne Forme' - compulsory text book for 1st - 3rd year french. Bought it for €36, it's in near perfect condition so would ideally like to sell it for €25.

PM me if you're interested.

hi Michellenman
I would be interested in buying this french book is it still for sale EN BONNE FORME

Tiff_ Registered User


I'm looking to buy first year French and History books, please pm me if you have any to sell Thanks

maggie87 Registered User

I have a selection of English and Spanish books for sale with a great offer on a bulk buy. Half of them might not still be in use as it's a couple of years since I left but PM me if you're interested.

"Pamela" Samuel Richardson
"The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy" Laurence Sterne
"Joseph Andrews/Shamela" Henry Fielding
"Le Morte Darthur" Sir Thomas Malory
"Castle Rackrant" Maria Edgeworth
"Evelina" Frances Burney
"The Wild Irish Girl" Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
"Modern Culture" Roger Scruton
"Shakespeare King Lear, A reader's guide to essential criticism" Susan Bruce
"Philospohical Aesthetics" Oswald Hanfling
"Civilization and it's Discontents" Freud
"The Culture Industry" Adorno
"Medieval Drama An Anthology" Greg Walker
"Ways of Seeing" John Berger
"King Lear Contemporary Critical Essays" Kiernan Ryan
"The New Oxford Book of Seventeenth-Century Verse" Alastair Fowler
"Rapido Rapido" Lourdes Miquel, Neus Sans
"Ejercicios de fonetica espanola para hablantes de ingles" Francisco Moreno Fernandez
"Nada" Carmen Laforet
"La Casa De Bernarda Alba" Garcia Lorca
"New penguin parallel text, short stories in Spanish" John R. King
"Caramelo" Sandra Cisneros
"Magical Reels" John King
"Las Meninas" Antonio Buero Vallejo
"The NEw Spaniards" John Hooper
"Entre Visillos" Carmen Martín Gaite
"Te trataré como a una reina" Rosa Montero
"El Diablo en Texas" Aristeo Brito

Saramina Registered User

Hi just wondering, does anyone have the book; "The Romans: From Village to Empire"? By M.T Boatwright, D.J Gargola and R.J.A Talbert

If anyone has and it and would like to sell it to me, I would be interested in hearing from you,thanx very much.

Also does anyone know if there is website that sells 2nd hand nuim books or 2nd college books in general?

plumpote Registered User


Does anyone have the Norton Anthology of Western music, Volume 3 (20th Century)?
Please pm me if you do!!


brian93 Registered User

looking for "Stats - Data & Models" by DeVeaux, Velleman and Bock, anyone?

seanypf Registered User

Anybody have European Politics by Tim Bale, 2nd edition?


norton anthology of western music 5th editions, ancient to baroque and classical to 20th century for sale.

theonewith Registered User

Selling First Year English Books
Volume One + Volume Two (second edition)
Emily Bronte- Wuthering Heights
Rudyard Kimpling- Kim
James Joyce- Dubliners
All for 65e

(tips for incoming students most people sell their books for 80/90e to first year in September and they are 110e in the bookshop. The copies I have are the most recent from the department. I'm missing Huckleberry Finn and Pride n Predjudice but these can be bought in any bookshop for like 3euros. Any one who buys my books will get first year notes which will save you alot in printing.)
I'll meet in kildare or dublin.
Books in perfect condition !!

cones Registered User


Essential Calculus - Early Transcendental Functions by Larson

Principles of Physics (Extended)- Resnick Halliday Walker

If anyone has copies of these for sale then please PM me.

Moon Indigo Registered User

Wanted: Anthony Giddens Sociology and Corey and Corey Group Work but really need to get my hands on Giddens. Know he is on addition 700 or something but anything recent enough. Thank you to anyone that can help me . Pm me if you have it Thanks again!

HayleyKd Registered User

Have all 1st year Irish books, will sell all together for €30

Also have both volumes of the First Year English book (second edition) will sell both for €40

Can meet with you at the college to sell.

Message for further details if interrested.


FatherlyNick Registered User


Core Experimental Physics book: John D.Cutnell -‘Introduction To Physics’ 8th Edition; For 38€.

Core Biology book: ‘Campbell Biology’ 9th Edition; For 38€.


Both books in mint condition.
Call: 0851962351
or PM.

Also a lab coat (In excellent condition) avaliable for 5€.

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