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Hi, does anyone know if you are signing on for over 6 months on either JA or JB, if you can then ask for the payment to be lodged directly into your bank account. I know the rules changed as of June 08, and all new claims are in cash at the post office, but it seems like there is conflicting info/views on whether this is for 6 months only or the entire time you are on JA/JB.
For example if you lost your job in Jan 09, after collecting your JA/JB payment weekly for 6 months at the post office, could you transfer to an electronic bank payment? How does this work?

Any help, much appreciated

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Nope - everyone on full time JSB/JSA collects from the post office regardless of how much time they've spent on it.

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After 6 months of collecting it at the Post Office I asked in my local Social Welfare office if it could be paid into my bank account. They said yes and this is how I currently receive my payment.

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Thanks Xiney

Do you have experience of that situation? Sorry, don't mean to question you but basically, I have gotten different answers from everyone I ask (including calling up the social welfare office, looking on the website, talking with citizens information) Last I heard ( from a social welfare office) was that if you send in a letter with your bank details... they would change you over from cash to bank lodgement provided you were on the payment over 6 months (now obviously they reserve the right to say no)?

Also, if you were on JA/JB before the new post office collection came in in July 08, did you have to start going to the post office to pick up your payment?

Sorry, lots of questions. Working on some reseach and I jsut want to be sure that I am as accurate as possible in reporting the findings/facts of the situation.

thanks again!!!

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Thanks, appreicate the info

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Well, I asked at the desk and they said they don't do that anymore, but obviously they do in some places!

I think they may not do it at mine anymore because they're just overrun and behind already - processing bank details would be an extra hassle for them.

Not too worried, in two months I qualify for BTWEA so that's paid into my bank account.

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My OH lost his job last February and after 6 months of collecting it at the post office, THEY suggested it to HIM in the social welfare office that he have it paid into his bank account from then on to make it easier on everyone. So yeah you can do that after the first six months.

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Right then so, Galway is just weird and I stand corrected

(or else they don't want to pay it into my bank account 'cause I'm foreign... and they didn't want to say that)


Xiney said:
Right then so, Galway is just weird and I stand corrected

(or else they don't want to pay it into my bank account 'cause I'm foreign... and they didn't want to say that)

clonmel in tipperary also pay into bank account after 6 months.

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My brother receives a cheque in the post every week for his job seekers allowance.

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well, i just rang my local office 2 mins ago, they said i could not get it into my account.... strange i told her as i know people getting it into their accounts at the minute! she didnt care, and just said thats the way it is

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