The Al Lad Registered User

Found this on the sky sports website

All you need to do to play is log on and register,

Predict the exact scores in 6 premiership games and you win £100,000

Good fun bet for us gamblers and its totally free

If no one gets the 6 scores but somebody gets 5 they get £5,000

My selections for this week

Birmingham V Bolton 1-0

Blackburn V Villa 1-3

Liverpool V Hull 3-0

Stoke V Man United 1-2

Spurs V Burnley 3-0

Wigan V Chealea 0-3

Good Luck

soundsham Registered User

is that all


Ladbrokes have had similar offer for ages!

Predict 5 for £5k, again free. Just check out the football dockets in local store

Boxfresh Registered User

God himself wouldn't have predicted todays scores

okidoki987 Registered User

I know it's Free but work out any 5 match correct score odds let alone 6 and see what it works out at!

1-0 lowest price would normally be around 5/1 (and that a big Home Banker)
5 time Accum of all 1-0's works out at over 7500/1.
I'd wouldn't say totally but certainly very very unlikely the six-timer ever to be won.

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