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Hi everyone,

I'd imagine they are probably impossible to get but does anyone know how one would go about trying to get tickets for the Toy Show? I'd love to go cos i just adore Christmas - plus all the free stuff!!


as far as i know the audience members are nearly all parents of the children who are on the show!

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Isnt there like a 10 year waiting list or something? the audience is all family members and people who know people in RTE

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What I heard is that there's no seperate ticket list for the toy show, the toy show audience members applied for the regular show and the show they were awarded tickets for just happened to be the toy show


If you believe that you would believe anything. The toy show tickets are harder to get than the winning lotto numbers!

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lol doesn't matter if you're RTÉ staff, the tickets are still gold dust, you have to apply in advance, people wait a long time, even years for the tickets.
To apply for regular tickets they have an application form here http://www.rte.ie/tv/latelate/tickets09.html or you could email them latelate@rté.ie I think it is. And request. I think you apply between sept & oct for toy show tickets.

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