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Freeze out
Reg 6 pm, Start 7 pm
Buy In €150 + Reg €20
Chips: 20 000

Cash games on, open till late

Free minerals, tea, coffee, water and food
Free beer after the pub closes

Contact Joe 086-8165054, 087-7456862 or 085-8353105

1. Who is running the event (organisation, society etc.)

2. The purpose of the event (charity, commercial etc.)

3. Date and Location of event
Saturday ,September 26th,2009 in JJP Poker Club Johnstown Navan (above the Pitstop Pub)

4. Registration and Start time of event.
Reg @6pm
Game starts @7pm

5. Any prerequisites (member of club, society etc)

6. How can tickets be purchased & is there a maximum number (in advance, at the door etc.)
Pay on the night, limited to 90 players

7. Is any money from the prize fund held back for future tournaments, if so, how much
€ 500 for the next monthly tournament

8. Any guaranteed prize pool.
€ 5000 prize pool guaranteed

9. If applicable, Number of re-buys allowed and over what time frame/blind levels.
Freeze out

10. Blind levels:
200-400 break 30 mins, chip race 25. Food served.
600-1200 ante 100
800-1500 ante 100, break 20 mins
1000-2000 ante 200
1500-3000 ante 300
2000-4000 ante 400
3000-6000 ante 500, chip race on 100 break 10 mins
4000-8000 ante 500
6000-12000 ante 1000
8000-15000 ante 1000
10000-20000 ante 2000
15000-30000 ante 3000 blinds are frozen at this level

11. Blind timeframes
30 mins all the way

12. Places being paid and if any prizes are other than cash (free entry to other tournie, merchandice etc)
Depending on the numbers

13. Are there going to be dealers - and their level of skill
Yes, professional dealers

14. Will there be a documented list of rules

15. Is there a tournament director

16. How are disputes handled - who has final say.
Tournament director

17. Are there any cash games offered, if so, please outline the rake for each limit offered.
Yes, the rake is 5% of the pot.

Mr. Wolf Registered User

Looks great Joe, best of luck with this one

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DAMO72 Registered User

Mr. Wolf said:
Looks great Joe, best of luck with this one
Are you playing in this Mick

Andy2410 Registered User

Best of luck Joe. I will see you there on the night.

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fiveeuros Registered User

damo are u playin....missed u on Tuesday

baz2007 Registered User

hi joe was thinking of heading over for this coming from drogheda were abouts are u in navan,and are u expecting many runners. ty

joe mckeever Registered User

hi baz, if you get to slane, turn left onto the asbourne rd, head down that rd for about 4 miles turn right for navan and kentstown, go threw kentstown, you will pass a renault gargage on the right, take the next left, my club is on the left, we had 104 players last month, i had to turn away 14 players, it,s limited to 90 players, i should get at least 50 players, i could get a full house, give me a call on 0868165054 if your heading over so i can put you in, thanks

baz2007 Registered User

thanks for the reply joe will ring when i am on the way 2 reserve seat cheers mate.

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joe mckeever Registered User


fiveeuros Registered User

put me in joe please...damo is very quiet

joe mckeever Registered User

will do gerry, 46 players reg so far, folks if any boards players want to play in this tournament could you let me know as soon as possible, it has a limited of 90 players,

baz2007 Registered User

well joe could u reserve me a seat please will defo be their ty. baz hand

joe mckeever Registered User

ok baz i have you in, best of luck 2nite

OasisKid Registered User

Hi joe,

How did this game go last nite?

joe mckeever Registered User

hi oasiskid, we had a few cancelations at the last minute, we still got 43 players, paid out 6450 euro, peter o shaghessy won the tournament, he got 2500 euro, paid top 9, 9th getting 200 euro, i think all the players enjoyed it, i would like to thank all the players that played

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