slade_x Moderator

I was just wondering could someone else apply in person on my behalf for an express passport

I just need one for a quick trip to england in 2 weeks, my last passport expired in 2003

Berty Registered User

The only way that is possible is if you get a letter which gives power of attorney to the other person. This must show medically that you are incapable of applying for the passport yourself for reasons of mental incapability, physical disability or emotional disability(very hard to prove).

The reason you must apply for a NEW passport in person is so that the Gardai can sign off on your pictures and birth certificate/other ID that it is actually you.

Sending in a friend/relative you say "howya, will you stamp this" will not really do.

If it is a replacement passport then you can just sign the form and submit the new pictures and the old passport in the post office and bobs your uncle you will get a replacement.

slade_x Moderator

i didnt mean do everything, i just meant i get everything sorted myself and then i get someone to go to cork to hand in my forms etc.

Im aware i can submit the form pictures and old passport but the wait time is stated as 10 days minimum from receipt of application. as of tomorrow i have 11 days before i need to travel


finbarrk Registered User

I'm sure if it's only a matter of dropping in the completed documents then it shouldn't be a problem.

dereko1969 Registered User

you'll need them to bring proof of your travel arrangements if you want it in time.

kmick Registered User

The express service which costs 75 euro is within 10 days. Usually it is much faster like 5 days any time I have done it (twice).

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