lizt said:
Yeah, what was that all about? It was a pretty **** way for her to leave! I wonder did she just want time off or what?

I'd say she'll be back...

LizT Same same but different

CaptainNegative said:
I'd say she'll be back...

meh. Doesn't really bother me either way, I don't think she actually contributes much!

Whiskey Devil Registered User

At a guess I'd say she's in her final year of college so she needs time off.

I like Lee, think she's a good laugh

Whiskey Devil Registered User

Stop the press lads!

Jim O'Dowd is back to kick some ass! Wonder who he's gonna kill.. Riona? Róise? Vince?

Baile an Locha Registered User

O'Dowd is some piece of work,
Bastard lófa,


I reckon O'Dowd will be sleeping with the fishes by the end of tomorrow nights episode.

Baile an Locha Registered User

Its hard to know, doubt they'd get rid of him,
Must be a joy to write scripts around, all those "machiavellian" plans in one small town.
I'd say he'l run off back to france with tina,


I dunno somebody is gettin killed off, and I don't see them killin off Riona or Róise... so my money is on Jim or Tina.

onway Registered User

Who was murdered....??????

Stargazer7 Registered User

Before I spoil it for you, you can watch episodes of Ros na Rún online on the Tg4 website-just click on the tv beo icon, then go to dramaí.

Spoiler alert!

Tina slits Jim's throat after Róise and Ríona manage to escape his grasp with Sophie. Donnacha finds O'Dowd dead and leaves a footprint at the crime scene so now the Gardaí think it's a man that must've killed him.

julyjane Registered User

Surely it's not a spoiler if it happened last week

That Tina one is some piece of work! She's met her match now though

LizT Same same but different

Loving Ros na Run at the minute!
Is anyone else really annoying by your one's Irish/ American accent though?

Stargazer7 Registered User

Yeah I find Molly and Bríd incredibly annoying. The rest of the show makes up for it...Tadhg makes up for everything...flippin' hilarious! They get away with so much on the show, half the time the swearing is much worse than the subtitles make them out to be!


The swearing I think is grand, but I have no idea how they got away with the penis shaped straws for the hen party last night!!!

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Whiskey Devil Registered User

Been so busy, I haven't seen it since the murder.. I think I'll catch up online tomorrow

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