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Hi guys,

Looking for some free themes, games & apps for my new SS Tocco - any ideas where I can pick these up??!


rebel girl 15 Moderator

Bought this phone on Wednesday and I went looking for sites. is a great free site - you get 30 downloads a day when you register as a free member, and the stuff is good quality. Games and apps are all java based, 240x320 is the filter you use. You download the app/game to your PC and transfer it over. The games aren't touchscreen, but are easily played. Some of them won't run, but more often that not they do. Thats for the games and apps. Also have some great ringtones. They don't have themes for it though, haven't been able to find any site with themes.

that site has some good stuff - including specific touchscreen games

Missy86 Registered User

Kenmill have you managed to download any games to the tocco? I've tried but only a few games seem to work on it...was wondering if u had any solutions??

Missy86 Registered User

Guys, I bought this phone last week and ever since i bought it i have had problems downloading games and apps. I kept getting the message "java error no memory available" everytime i tried to play games that i had downloaded. I went out and bought a memory card but it was still coming up, after searching on the internet for a solution, I have found that ALOT of samsung phone holders are having this problem. It turns out, the phones do not have enough RAM to support the games, one person offered a solution of entering some codes in to the phone to update the java database - did this - didnt work. When i went on to the Samsung site I found that the only way to download games is to pay for them through samsung!

have either of you had this message come up on your screen?? I use Mobile24 to download games for all my previous phones and have never once had a problem and i have tried to download dozens of games all week and only 3 games will work on my phone.

I can't tell you how much i regret getting this phone now!!!!!!!!!

rebel girl 15 Moderator

I downloaded a few games from mobiles 24, and about hald of em worked- never got a message like that.

Only thing I find really annoying is the wallpapers and small memory for my messages - I could store about 1000 in my old phone, only store 250 in the tocco lite. I'll try putting in a few more games to see what happens

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