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I love this blog man, but I'm just wondering? What are the advantages of a basic user? I'm sorry but I just love the iPhone and I can't really see how the n900 is THAT much better, I just see it in terms of choice? I did enjoy the blog and if the n900 is that much better, I'd really be interested in getting one. Is it for more programmers and stuff? Sorry...rookie question

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Not my article, but an excellent read all the same

This bloke posts some great code reviews and has open sources his own iOS shooter engine. I really like his coding style, it takes a lot of cues from Carmack's concise, well structured style of C. This style extends to the C++ source for the Another World VM interpreter he talks about in this article.

The guy also posted a guide on how to get Doom 3 building in OSX about a day after I figured it out!

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Blog post on SOPA/Irish SOPA and IP: Warning: Irish Government Pirating Your Rights

Trojan Ask me about websites

Blog/video on WordPress v3.4 beta, showing some of the new features compared to v3.3.1

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Someone's done a followup to Patrick McKenzie's Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names, this time talking about time - Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Time.

Both are well worth the read.

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Only tangentially relevant to software development, here's a recent blog post I wrote on Ethics and SEO. Love to read anything you guys have on ethics in software development.

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I originally wrote this (or part of this) as a post in reply to a question here back in 2001

Programming: How to deal with a large inherited codebase

Suggestions for improvement very welcome.

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Boards is great for inspiring blog posts

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Yup - gets you thinking about stuff you'd normally just have fermenting in the back of your head

Trojan Ask me about websites
Trojan Ask me about websites

More relevant to planning than coding: How to Build a Commercial Website in 37 Minutes or Less.

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Blasting them out these days. For god's sake, someone else put up a blog post

Using WordPress Like A Boss: Essential WordPress Tips

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