binosusan Registered User

Hi does anyone know how to configure an iphone with tesco sim card for internet settings? ive asked tesco and they say they have no idea. can anyone help please.

Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

Over on the Mobiles/PDA forum there is a whole list of all the operator settings.

Here's the settings for Tesco.

binosusan Registered User

thankyou very much for the info. i would also like to know how to enter it on the iphone as in settings under network there is cell data network and vpn , which do choose . its also asking for user name and password under apn and mms.

Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

No idea on the username/password. I would assume they can be left blank if none are specified.

Also, you are not setting up a VPN, so put the details under Network.

binosusan Registered User

ok on the network i have cellular data- apn,
mms- apn, mmsc, mms proxy, mms ua prof url

now where do i put the details under? dont know where to put ip address, server , port etc. please help me, left o2 for their crazy charges and now tesco is my only hope.

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