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when i was in TY i worked in two diff places for the 2 weeks. 1st place i was sitting at a computer typing, going on errands, making coffee. At the end of the week i was given a box of roses

second place. They had me scrubbing the place top to bottom, scrubbing floors, windows, washing dishes and even had me paint a gate out the front and all i got a goodbye card

so it does vary. I wasnt expecting anything but the fact is i had to do manual labour in the second place and thats not what had been agreed with my school

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My daughter did a week in a school and got a nice card at the end and a book token, she was delighted with that, she didn't expect to be paid.

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strongbluebell said:
My daughter did a week in a school and got a nice card at the end and a book token, she was delighted with that, she didn't expect to be paid.

i did for 4 weeks with one place before , got 150 the first two weeks and 120 for the second two weeks . of course times are different now , but if you start paying on a weekly basis, i bet youd get a lot more work done out of them .

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as far as i know it is up to the individual employers if they pay or not. some do some don't. some of my nieces and nephews have gone through this over last few years and it has varied from nothing to vouchers to box of chocalates to hard cash. in the current climate i think a small reward such as a voucher is perfectly acceptable.


When I did my work experience I did two weeks in a primary school first and got a card and box of chocolates off the teacher. Then I did two weeks in an office and got a cheque for €100. Actually it was probably £100 ... God I'm old Looking back that was pretty damn generous, but then again it was the office of a construction supplies company at the height of the Celtic Tiger.

Most people in my class got something, e.g. a voucher or small gift, however no one expected it and there was certainly no one giving out if they didn't get anything. I'd say wait til Christmas, and if you're impressed with her work and attitude then it would be nice to give her some little thing.

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It's completely up to you and is in no way expected in my experience, a small token would be nice, even a box of chocs.

But, what is much more appreciated is a good work experience, obviously there is a limit to how much time you can give to them, but from when I did it years ago I was much happier with the one I did where I was actually paid attention and shown stuff but not paid cash then when I was left at a desk all day and got paid 100 quid for the week.

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A token of appriciation is not uncommon, such as vouchers, small cash amount. TY students do not/ should not expect payment as it is you that is already oing them a favor...especially the way things are now with jobs.

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I did work experience in trinity's comp science dept twice (once for transition year and once for a fetac course i did) and both times they didnt give me anything, as i recall i did two full weeks each time

Paying for lunches and stuff really had me outta pocket but i enjoyed the work so it was ok

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I done TY 3 years ago, 3 weeks of work experience done, with 3 separate companies. One week I got €100 and was brought out for lunch, one week I got a CD and another week I got sweet feck all. So it depends on what she's actually doing, the week I got €100 I done quite alot of work, the week I got a CD I just helped out my cousin who was pregant at the time and the week I done nothing I actually didn't do much at all.

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I got paid about €50 one time when in ty, but got offered a proper job for a while afterwards, got paid proper money then Got €100 store credit another time which was nice. A few quid/friendly gesture would be fine.

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