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A few from last weekend

Ballyganner South Wedge Tomb County Clare

Clooneen Wedge Tomb, Burren, Co. Clare

Parknabinnia Wedge Tomb County Clare

Killinaboy Old Church Sheela-na-Gig near Corrofin County Clare
Not a Megalith

Killinaboy Old Church Cross near Corrofin County Clare
Not a Megalith

Lough Gur Wedge tomb near Hollycross County Limerick

Grange Stone Circle Lough Gur Co. Limerick

Stone circle Lough Gur C
Adjacent to Grange stone circle

Grange stone circle is just over the far ditch

This is a hobby of mine, using Temples of stone & Sacred Ireland as guides

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Island Wedge tomb near Burnfort County Cork

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Few more

Must have been a party here, lots of pint bottles under the Dolmen

Cappeen standing stone & Wedge (same field)

3 fields away in poor shape

Inchincurka Wedge Tomb north of Dunmanway

Knockraheen stone circle

Knockraheen alignment stones, Boggeragh mountains

Knockraheen stone circle & alignment stones

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Need some help here, can anybody identify or tell me about this ruin located 1km west of the restored famine village of Cill Rialaig near Ballinskelligs, seems to be the ruins of some kind of settlement

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Cool East Wedge Tomb Valentia Island

Standing stone nearby

3 crosses & Saint Brendan's well Valentia Island
Not Megaliths

Coom Wedge Tomb near

Lissyviggeen Stone Circle 3km east of Killarney

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Two large outlying stones adjacent to Lissyviggeen Stone Circle

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Setup an account there, will look at it later bawn79

This afternoons Jaunt
Arderawinny Portal tomb west of Schull Co Cork (well hidden behind some gorse and at the base of a small cliff

1 mile to the west on a corner of the main road at a car park, a beauty
Altar Wedge Tomb west of Schull on the R592

About two miles further on behind the Altar Restaurant on the left
Toormore Wedge Tomb

Theres a concrete lintle supporting the slap at one corner!!

Continue up the R591 towards Durrus to the Dunbeacon Standing Stones (2 miles west of Durrus, parking place provided, 2nd gate on the right

These point roughly to the next target over the harvested field to the right

Dunbeacon Circle, across the road from the Dunbeacon Standing Stones car park, through the lane, across the large field and on 50 yards, watch out for electric fences

6 stones remain standing

250 km round trip, couldn't think of a better way to spend a half day

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Darky Finn said:

How exactly have you been locating these tombs?

Using 2 books, Temples of stone & Sacred Ireland, that and a lot of research on internet, very satisfying Finn, Garmin Zumo gps on the bike works well too

Got two today

Augnacliffe Portal Tomb
County Longford
This is huge

Cleenrah Portal-tomb
County Longford

These are about a mile apart and easy to find

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GhostInTheRuins said:
I've been meaning to do a proper trip like this for a long time now. Fair play Bogman, some great pictures there.

Cheers mate
Bohonagh Stone Circle on the way home from Toe head this evening


20m distant
Boulder Burial

Bohonagh Stone Circle 20m beyond

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A few from the weekend

Browneshill portal tomb Carlow

Haroldstown portal tomb Carlow

From the road

Ballyquin portal tomb Waterford

Standing Stone nearby

This is getting addictive

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tricky D NSAbot: Second Variety

That's a fantastic collection you got there, bogman.

Here's 2 shots of Aideen's Grave (dolmen, collapsed) from Deerpark in Howth

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These are all located close to Tramore

Gaulstown Portal Tomb Co Waterford

Adjacent to Gaulstown Portal Tomb Co Waterford

Harristown passage tomb Woodstown County Waterford

Knockeen Portal Tomb Waterford

Matthewstown Passage Tomb near Tramore Waterford

Known locally as the giants grave, not in a good state of repair
Passage tomb at Carriglong County Waterford

Located inside this gorse

Ballynageeragh dolmen near Tramore County Waterford
Unfortunately has a concrete base added and one of the upright stones is of concrete also (done in 1940)

This is terrible looking

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Up in Donegal and Sligo over the weekend, got these

Carrowkeel Cemetery, County Sligo
54.2484 N
8.5193 W
(Includes 14 Cairns)
Tombs were built around 3200-2400 B.C

Cairn entrance Carrowkeel

All the Megaliths below are within 10 or so of each other

Farranmacbride Court Tomb, County Donegal
2 fields of Megaliths, pity about their condition
54.7145 N
8.7222 W

Malin More Portal Tombs, County Donegal
54.6994 N
8.7745 W
The field contains the remains of 6 tombs roughly in line with each other, an adjacent field has a Standing stone, an amazing place

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These tombs are not in a great state of repair but that matters not, its just over the wall from the main road

Cloghanmore Court Tomb, near Malin More County Donegal
54.6892 N
8.7466 W

Class, car park and concrete path all the way to the tomb :thumbsup2:

Shalwy court tomb County Donegal
Waterlogged ground prevented me getting near
54.6243 N
8.5471 W

Wellingtons the next time

Early Christian Cross near Farranmacbride, County Donegal

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