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Trying to restore one of these ancient PCs:

2.40ghz Intel Celeron
40Gb Maxtor 2F040L0

iQon in Dundalk no longer exists, no drivers supplied with this model (may have been purchased from Tescos). No recovery floppies supplied but there is a CD OS disc. This does not contain the drivers but it has a warning which says you shouldn't use the disc if restoring drivers; Ring iQon Tech Support instead!!!! I didn't go as far as formating the system disc and I I understand it contains the required files in a hidden folder, or maybe just the files themselves are hidden. All the drivers that are now required are for the Motherboard/BIO - Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, PCI Flash Memory, PCI Modem, Sim Bus Controller and Video Controller (VGA compatible). Anyone out there know anything about how these drivers can be extracted, is there a special utility to do so or has anyone got the drivers which they could 'lend' me, please? Any help, suggestions etc will be appreciated.

Tks, M.

I know what I should do with the PC but it ain't mine!

yoyo Moderator

Try to find a network adapter driver and use DriverMAX to try and find the drivers, Realtek is a common enough network adaptor


martinjr Registered User

Thanks for reply YoYo but I'm sure this is a BIOs problem rather than n/w adapter alone. The devices that I listed in original post all have that triangular yellow sign when you click on system after opening control panel. It seems to me that I need the chipset-all good pc manufacturers usually give you those on CD with new PC. Ill have a look at your suggestion anyway.


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