TonyRomo Registered User

2 yr old running around a tree in the park, chasing some pigeons for about 80 seconds. He could never catch up with them, even though the tree wasnt even that long in diameter


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Youngest son did a poo in the potty (rather than in his pants or on the floor)...sounds crazy, but that brought a huge smile to the face!

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Fran79 Registered User

My 17mths old son was jumping at the door and saying hiya when I arrived back today from my first day at work!

Its only a temp / pt job - but I'm glad he had a good day with Daddy whilst I was away.


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pickarooney Moderator

My 7 week old just smiled 10 different ways at me when I picked her up. My two year old 'sang' "You're Beautiful" to his Ma.

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TargetWidow Registered User

I got three dynamite squeezy hugs when I came in from work. Firstly my face and neck, then when I put her down she hugged my leg and then a few seconds later she ran up behind me when I was getting something out of a low press and gave me another squeezy hug from behind. I thought sod everything else.... lets go have a good cuddle on the couch. I'm still smiling!

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deisemum Registered User

I'm a childminder and my "baby" will be 12 in a few weeks but he made me smile when he got in from school and played with the young children I mind without being asked.

Also him showing them his football skills ie keepy-uppy type things and they standing round watching him as if he's the coolest thing ever.

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Two year old dancing in the kitchen made me smile.

The mini tantrum he threw made me laugh.

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Alib2009 Registered User

eighteen month old, insists on radio on first thing and dances away to his hearts content, even singing "uh oh, uh oh," to one of the top ten hits.

The best was him and his buddy dancing to "firestarter - the prodigy" i cried laughing - i am one very lucky mum

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deisemum Registered User

What makes me laugh is how toddlers in their innocence will tell things and being a childminder believe me when I tell you I've heard some of the funniest things from my mindees who reveal plenty of things that goes on at home.

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Khannie Make your dreams happen

Share the wealth there deisemum

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ellie1 Registered User

Everyday my nine year old makes me smile

Today, I found a card he had written and amongst the jumbled up writing and mis-spellings and I love yous it said "mammy yor my hero"

Love it, tears to my eyes everytime.

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venividivici Registered User

Not today but lastnight, my little girl took her own nappy off and threw it in the bin..not only that, her bottle also followed the nappy into the bin. I said 'jodie what are ya doing it's bed time', she said,'no more daddy, I'm a big girl now'...this was totally out of the blue but it's safe to say I'll be smiling for a while thinking about it..

...oh and her bed was dry as a bone this morning, what a girl!!

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mrmac Registered User

Last week, while in the middle of a long que for the clothes checkout in Dunnes stores, my darling 3 year old daughter, was running around one of the short pole things they have as a kind of barrier. I let a brief "stop that, leave the pole alone", to which she replied "no daddy, I'm a pole dancer!". Knowing, for a fact, that she didn't know what she had just said, I thought it was funny!

Sweet Lord, but did I get some strange looks from everyone else!

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oh well Registered User

gave me a big hug in the middle of the street in front of all her friends - didn't think I'd get one in public anymore seeing as she is 16. She had just received her junior cert results - very happy with them all. ahhhh, she's still my baby.

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racso1975 Registered User

got up this morning to my 18 month old talking away to himself and i say a really big hello from and across the corridor and he shouts back "O" obvoisly not able to say hello yet then when you open the door all you see is his big smiley head looking over the end of the cot!!!!

That can only but set you up for a great day!!!!!

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