Pat_Mustard Registered User

Hey Guys, I'm a 19 year old bi male looking for some gay bars in Galway. Wondering if you guys can help? Ideally I'm looking for somewhere that isn't overly camp and would attract a younger crowd, particularly with the new college term.

Grateful for any help and recommendations.

Boston Banned

I don't think there are any "gay bars" in galway anymore, only Gay nights in certain places. Tbh, from what I've seen, if there is a new gay bar its going to go for the lowest common denominator.

Fancy That Registered User

You could always head for the stage door its in Woodquay area. Not exactly a nice bar. Then there's Twirlys i think its Friday and Saturday night above the Pucan pub on Forester st. There may also be a night once a month called Eden or maybe its once a week...not too sure.

Good luck

Pat_Mustard Registered User

What sort of age group would be found in those places, FT?

L1011 Moderator

Stage Door in midweek is generally a fairly old crowd, never been on a weekend.

FuzzyWool Registered User

Well the weekend does fill up with the younger folk, usually quite late just before it's time to go clubbing! Eden was on last night in The Warwick in Salthill.. wasn't at it last night but during Pride it was jammed. It's a good venue, even if it's a bit far out.. and yes, younger folk tend to fill the clubs.

Pat_Mustard Registered User

Any recommendations for Thursday night as that's when it will most likely be?

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