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Hi there,

My brother has been taken into hospital while on holiday in Orlando with a spontaneous collapsed lung. The upshot of this is that he can't fly for 3 months and can't afford to stay there until he can fly again.

Do any of you know how to secure passage on a cargo ship, or even cruise ships that would get him reasonably close to Ireland? I've spent a while googling for various combinations of words, but I've found nothing at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Might be worthwhile looking at this website. They do trips on cargo ships and some are transatlantic.

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Not sure if this would suit or is what you are looking for :

Tabnabs Registered User

Cunard do transatlantic, but the cost of any transatlantic trip by sea will make you eyes water.


Check out, I think they are cheapest for transatlantic journeys.

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A friend of mine cruised from Barcelona to Galveston a few years ago, so it can be done! Cargo ships tend to be booked up years in advance. Try and Good luck!

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Queen Mary 2 is departing New York for Southampton on Tuesday, if he's interested in doing the trip in style. Arrives following Monday. Southampton to Ireland would be an easy train/SeaCat ride. Check the Cunard website. Maybe they'd cut him a break on the price if the medical situation were explained.


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Thankls a million guys I appreciate the help.

I'll check those sites now and keep him posted

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Hope he took out travel insurance.

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