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The starter motor on my Opel Zafira went on the blink the other day, my mechanic priced one from the local Opel dealers and it was €180odd + VAT so about €220 for an exchange unit

Went to google and found this website for locating Vauxhall/Opel parts and got the genuine part from a Vauxhall dealers in the North of Scotland for £63.50 inc VAT + £20 carraige (about €97) (48 hour parcelforce delivery) got it delivered direct to my mechanics garage.

The guy in the Vauxhall dealership was very helpful and checked my car's chassis number on his system to be sure I was ordering the correct part etc.

Other sources of genuine Vauxhall/Opel spare parts at discount prices are Vauxhall parts warehouse who have an ebay shop and Fintona Auto Spares who are in the North.

I also priced up a timing belt kit which I will need soon and got similar savings, less than half the price of the local Opel dealer even allowing for the price of delivery.

Mechanic says that there are also huge differances in the price of Toyota genuine spare parts between here and the North and the UK.

I'm all for keeping the money in the local economy but when you are getting rode like this you have to follow the bargains.

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Will be buying a Zafira in the next week, good to know.


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MunsterCycling said:
Will be buying a Zafira in the next week, good to know.


You might want to get them to throw in a spare starter motor!

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