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In preparation for a new puppy I came across a recommendation for Dr. Ian Dunbar's training methods and books.

I'd like your valued opinions on his methods or maybe even alternative trainers/methods please?

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myself and hubby are raising our little 6 month old Jack Russell using Ian Dunbars method from the day we brought her home, and we find them very good. it is all about positive reinforcement, with no hard punishments or scolding (apart from scolding of the human when WE allow HER to make mistakes). it is a very humane and indeed effective. Also, the dog loves to learn - you can just see her get happier with each little training session.

So -highly recommended!

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he is a vet and a veterinary behaviourist and a founder of the APDT and Sirius puppy training programme. Can't go wrong here. His emphasis is on creating behaviourally healthy dogs.
books inclde 'before and after you get your puppy', 'how to teach an old dog new tricks' as well as many other books and DVD's. check out american site for a full list of his titles.

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If you haven't come across it before, have a look at:

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I read one of his books when I bought my puppy. I didn't agree 100% with some of his stuff, but the majority of it was very good, and quite helpful. Definitely worth reading

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