LadyTBolt Registered User

Can somebody tell me if there are any websites that allow the legal downloading of movies. I would like to pay for all movies downloaded.

I have been looking at downloading for some time now but I am finding it difficult locating a website to allow me to download movies legally. Also, how do I know if I am downloading legally?

There are just so many illegal download sites it's hard to know which ones to trust.

Paulw Moderator

I understand that Sony plan to launch such a service next month in the UK, to then spread across Europe. It's aimed towards those with a PS3.

jldunbur Registered User

Movies Capital claims to be a legal movie downloading site - it probably is.

You can't view the movies it has and I, stupidly, took the risk and subscribed. It cost me €37 and was a complete waste of money. They only have B rate horror movies, some really old cowboy movies etc.

When I complained I got a response that suggested the people who run the site are only into zombies and blood.

You may find that when you Google some of thse sites, you will read rave reviews. I now believe that the owners of the sites 'plant' these reviews and have some way of getting Google to point you towards them

But then maybe I'm just paranoid; or possessed - I don't know anymore.

An.Duine.Eile Registered User

Blinkbox is a uk stie. There is no signup fee, you can rent or buy movies. I only used it once, when I bought The Hangover for 2.99 Sterling. There is copy protection with the file.

It was great, no hassle downloading, and play fine on the laptop.

Lot of free stuff. I mean stuff you would would watch as oppose the usual muck you see it the free sections. U2's Rattle and Hum is in the free section

hope this helps

tunner Registered User

Hey lads. I have 2 questions if anyone can answer them for me.

1.) Does anyone know if this site could be used with WDTV or apple TV for example?

2.) I assume that when you buy the movie you download it, yeah. Are the downloads fast if thats the case.

I had a quick look at the site and it see,s pretty handy if you cant be arsed going to the video store when you want to watch a film


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