quietobserver Registered User

where does gobus stop in dublin (whats the drop off point?) i need to get another mode of transport from there to blackrock any help would be good thanks

ronnie3585 Registered User

They can drop you at Heuston or O'Connell Bridge.

Coincidently, I had to use the gobus for the first time this week (as I slept in and missed the train). I was extremely impressed by the service. Nearly as quick as the train, doesn't stop, clean comfortable new buses and free wifi - all for half the price of the train. I wasn't traveling during rush hour so I'm not sure how it would affect it's time keeping, but I'll definitely be using it again.

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inisboffin Registered User

In case you're unfamiliar then, the dart from Tara St (just across and down the river) gets you to BR.

quietobserver Registered User

youve just answered my frustrations ive been sifting through info on dublin transport and its a disaster to find maps, just found tara street stn on the google maps, thanks innis and ronnie

JIZZLORD Registered User

while i prefer the train, gobus do a great job. the wifi isnt great, but it's grand for irc or basic browsing.

ronnie3585 Registered User

If your getting it back to Galway it leaves from George's Quay with is just beside Tara St Station, the pick up is in front of the Ulster Bank.

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quietobserver Registered User

getting the 5:45am one so just wanted to be clear where im going at around 9am on prob a wet morning in dub tomorrow. thanks for all the info, im entering the concrete jungle tomorrow

hoff1 Registered User

Has the drop off changed recently?

devnull Moderator
hoff1 Registered User

thats the pick up point doubt it is there as traffic heads west bound on that road

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