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One of the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever discovered is set to go on the auction block in Las Vegas in October.
The 66 million-year-old fossil was found 22 years ago in South Dakota and has come to be known as Samson. It is 40 feet long and 15 feet tall and consists of around 170 bones, more than half of a complete skeleton.
“In the last 110 years, there’s been a total of 46 specimens found of Tyrannosaurus rex of which this is the third most complete and has the finest skull,” said Tom Lindgren, who is co-director of natural history for the auction house Bonhams & Butterfields.
The last time a T. rex was auctioned, the most complete specimen ever found, known as Sue, went for more than $8 million dollars. The winner was the Chicago Field Museum.
Sue was still in pieces and unprepared when she was put on the block, and was only expected to fetch around 1 or 2 million dollars. Lindgren hopes Samson will exceed his estimated worth. One thing he has going for him is that he is fully prepared and mounted and ready to go on display.
“I’m going to estimate it’s in the neighborhood of 2 to 8 million, but it could easily go for upwards of $10 million,” Lindgren said. “I want to hold the record for a natural history auction.”

Samson is clearly the star of the upcoming auction, which will be held October 3 at the Venetian casino, but there will be more than 50 other lots of rare specimens.
Highlights include a 25-foot long shark, the largest fossil shark ever found.


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Galvasean Registered User

I'd bid myself, but I hear Nicolas Cage is rumoured to be interested.

edit: Turns out he beat Leo DiCaprio in a bidding war to obtain a Triceratops skull.

edit2: wow, they have afull megalodon jaw set too!
I tell ya, Carlsberg don't do Christmas, but if they did...

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Galvasean Registered User

Looks like the €6million asking price has not been met. The highest bid so far is $3.7million.
I think we should pass the hat around and see what we can come up with.

It wasn't all bad news however:

About 50 other lots fetched $1.76 million Saturday. World records included $458,000 for a duckbilled dinosaur, $440,000 for a pair of Einiosaurus skeletons and $422,000 for a 17-foot-long fossilized fish found in Kansas, Lindgren said.

"This was the most successful auction we've ever had," he said.

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Kess73 Registered User

That is a class looking skeleton though.

Galvasean Registered User

A happy ending it would seem, as the T.rex skeleton goes for a predicted $5-8 million dollars to a private collector who plans to donate it to a museum.;_ylt=AukHh5SKAVRFk5XEifKAzA57hMgF

Photo by Keith Keith Srakocic

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Galvasean said:
...a private collector who plans to donate it to a museum.

Hopefully not the creation museum!

Galvasean Registered User

The skeleton will go on display in the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry next week.

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