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We got our milk straight from the bulk tank! Fresh from the cows tits! None of this pasteurisation mullarky

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coyle said:
the weird and wonderful things you could get from them; cream, orange juice, milk, yoghurt, eggs (wtf!)

We had a separate egg delivery man.

Splendour said:
I hated when people put out yogurt cartons to cover their bottles; it totally slowed us down! Didn't mind a one piece thing but them bloomin' individual things drove me crazy!
Another thing I hated was when people didn't wash their bottles 'cos we had to put our fingers in 'em to pick them up-ugh!

We put the lids out but we did clean all the bottles. A good few rinses not put in the dishwasher like Hayacith Bucket!

grenache said:
We got our milk straight from the bulk tank! Fresh from the cows tits!

Thats a terrible way to talk about your mother.

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Joey the lips Stealing Hugs Chasing Kisses

We got eggs from an egg man as well. He use to deliver a cheep version of the TV guide with them It was always wrong.

The birds in my estate now chew through the fcekin cartons. Jesus they are resourceful.

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I remember in primary school and for a bit in secondary getting the crates of milk bottles delivered in the morning for 11 o'clock break, there was also orange junce delivered. Mmmmm ice cold milk in the morning yummy.
I think they stopped the bottles because of the amount of caustic soda used in sterilising the bottles, it was really bad for the enviornment and then it became cheaper to produce cartons which also required an awful lot less work on the part of the Dairy... CMP milk in glass bottles FTW...

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Electric Sheep said:
Does anyone remember a brief fad in the 70s for milk delivered in plastic bags that you put in a special jug?

You can buy milk in bags here in the UK, reduces waste. Also milk is sold in bags quite a lot in the US and Canada.

I can still buy milk and orange juice in milk bottles here in the shops and regularly buy the OJ. I'm sure I've seen milk bottles in some shops when I've gone home to Ireland.

Don't ever remember milk bottles from the milk man though just the tetra paks.

Biggins Banned

Having withdrawl symthoms from no longer getting a milk bottle?
Tempoary help is available LOL

...and it had to happen sooner or later.
Milk in a bag - as mentioned above!

Apparently in the states, they make a big thing out of still giving you your daily stuff within glass.
For example:

They also produce an eye opening link as to why plasic might not be good!

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Because of Aphex Twin "I would like some milk from the milkman's wife's t*ts.."

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Long Onion Registered User

I blame the EU rabble rabble rabble rabble,

No to lisbon - bring back our glass bottles!

Those damn Swedes, inventing tetra pak and criticising our blasphemy laws,

Those damn milkmen roiding our wimmins

Those damn birds, pecking though our lids

That Damn Mary Harney, drinking all our cream

Bring Back DeValera

Rabble rabble rabble rabble

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Biggins Banned

Long Onion said:

Bring Back DeValera

Rabble rabble rabble rabble

LOL Stuff Dev, Bring back Michael Collins!

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Trail_Blazer said:
I was astounded to find that in the UK they still have milk men that deliver milk to your door. I couldn't believe it!

Novella said:
What?! In the UK?! Still?!
I have a milkman who delivers milk to my door!

Actually, not only are there milkmen delivering to your door, they still deliver in glass bottles over here!


As kids we had milk delivered on horse & cart.


thomond2006 said:
The glass bottles had UHT milk, but nobody likes that because it's sh1te.

Maybe in backwards land or something.

Ours was delivered in glass bottles, direct from the dairy

BraziliaNZ Banned

i miss them, when you got the christmassy tops on them in december, or when you came down and you could see that birds had been picking at the lids, awww

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r3nu4l said:
Actually, not only are there milkmen delivering to your door, they still deliver in glass bottles over here!

The big problem that I had in the UK, years ago, was living on the fourth floor of a Victorian building, and being too lazy to put the empties out each day, then having to suffer the wrath of the folks in the dairy shop when about 100 milk bottles got dumped on their counter every few weeks.


I remember getting milk in bottles from Athboy when we lived in Ballyfermot, would have been until around 1992/93. My parents still have the Millennium '88 and Italia '90 bottles.

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