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Hi all,

My son is applying for the above position with cityjet.He done well in his leaving cert and has a fair chance of getting in.
I was wondering if anyone knows when qualified thru Cityjet, would he be a licenced engineer, ie holding IAA approved licences as opposed to some Aircraft engine Mechanics at certain engine/aircraft facilities who are not licenced.

It is probably harder for Aircraft mechanics/engineers to progress in Aviation career field if they don't hold a licence.

Any info particularly on City jet Apprentice engineers would be much appreciated as it could help my son in making a decision.


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Hi Rithim,good to hear your lad is applying,it will consist of an aptitude test first,then one or two interviews i'd imagine as there will be a lot of prople going for very few places!If he gets the apprenticeship it will be the standard four year apprenticeship run through fas,split into 7 phases,phase 1 about 2weeks intro,phase 2 is 9 months down in the fas center in shannon,phase 3 on the job with cityjet for 14months hands on,phase 4 is 6 months in DIT bolton street,phase 5 on the job for 9-12 months with cityjet,phase 6 is 3 months in DIT and phase 7 about 3months on the job with cityjet again,in phases 2,4,6 is when you are thought the modules for which our required for ur EASA licence A B1 or B2,at the end of these phases you sit the Easa exam for each module,so your son will come out of his time with an Aircraft Engineer Licence,it takes 5 years in total with the experience needed before you can physiacally get the licence,good apprenticeship and interesting,any more questions dont hesitate to ask

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Thanks a million, Grease Monkey. Two questions. About the shannon thing; As it's so far away from cityjet's base of operations, is accomadation provided?
And, about the licenses; Are these licenses held in in high esteem in the aviation industry i.e. for further career advancement?

Thanks again.

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Phase 2 down in Shannon is run in the Fas center in the industrial estate by the airport,cityjet wont be paying your son during this time,he will be on the Fas books for this 9 month period(oct-july) He will recieve a weekly wage from Fas,I take it he isnt from the shannon or limerick region so he will be entitled to the rent allowance on top of his wage.Weekly wage is about 170euro+75 rent allowance,there's plenty of digs in the shannon,ennis and limerick areas which you will get a place for 30-50 euro a week!The Easa licence he will come out with in the end is the highest licence for any engineer in europe,its the standard licence for europe so your soon can work all over the continent!Any more questions dont hesitate,glad i can help

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Just to emphasize something here...Cityjet/FAS/Bolton Street will educate your son to the required levels for him to be in a position to sit EASA Exams...BUT this does not guarantee anything. You dont finish up your apprenticeship with a Licence...its up to your son to do the hard work required for this. The only thing that is insisted on/essential is to pass the exams laid down by FAS, thus enabling you to pass your apprenticeship and be considered a tradesman with a National Craft Certificate.
When you obtain your National Craft Certificate, you are a Qualified Aircraft Mechanic and thats it. It is your EASA PART 66 B1 or B2 Licence that qualifies you as an Aircraft Engineer. In all fairness, the FAS exams are not the hardest things to pass. Its the EASA Exams that are the tough ones. I've been there and bought the t-shirt and have a B1 licence and with 2 more short exams i will be in possession of both B1 and B2 exams.
If i could give one piece of advice to pass onto your son...Have the craic and all that during his apprenticeship. He will meet some great guys and learn such a lot..But tell him when it comes to the EASA exams to put the head down, do the work required and put best efforts into the exams. His work will pay off.
All the best for him in the apptitude process and interview stage.

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Well said Celtic Mech

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Thanks guys for all the help. Just one more question and this may not be the place to ask this.
Are the licenced engineers on a higher rate than the mechanics with the basic trade?

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Rithim...Yes. As a licenced guy you are on a higher rate than an unlicenced guy. Some places have 2 different payscales for both, others pay approval payments and licence pay as the difference between both. It really depends on the company working for. There are chances to go contracting around the world as both unlicenced and licenced. Its not unusal to see the Licenced guys rates as double that of unlicenced guys.

Just for info...When you do get your licence, that is far from the end of things. A licence (B1 or B2) is basically useless by itself and doesnt entitle the holder to do anything. To become "useful", the holder will have to do Type Courses, that on completion, will allow the holder to have their licence endorsed for a particular Aircraft(s). I.e. Airbus A340 with CFM 56 Engines. This will allow the holder to be in a position to issue a Certificate of Release to Service, provided he/she is approved by their comy to do so.

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i am an engineer with cityjet at the moment, Good training, but at the end of the day its up to your son to come out of his time with his Easa B1 or B2. A good leaving cert wont really count for much if i am honest, I started my training with 400+ leaving cert guys and not may ( if any at all ) lasted past the first year in a hanger. First year app get all the s*** but it does get better.

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Thanks guys.Talk soon

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Did your son have any luck with it?

Rithim Registered User

Got through the aptitude test and has 1st interview on friday.

Open Up Registered User

Fair play to him. I wasn't so successfull myself. Pity they're just going on the aptitude tests. I'm an Aircraft Systems engineering graduate from IT Carlow. Guess that stands for nothing...

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Just a little heads up for the interview Rithim, make sure he knows all the flying controls on the aircraft,elevators,ailerons and rudder and what they do,the difference between AC and DC electric supplies and frequency,only a small bit of info is required,little bit about the company which he'l find on cityjet.com,also know how the jet engine works,suck,squeeze,bang,blow etc,hope this helps.

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Sorry 'open up' to hear you did'nt get through.And Thanks 'Greasemonkey' for the Gen.I am fairly well up on the workings of the engine so I'll run through all that with him. I 'll get him to look for the other info.

Just one point if you feel like giving me an answer as this could be a contentious issue.Is there a feeling of 'Hierarchy' for want of a better word between Aircraft engineers would have licences and the Aircraft mechanics(trade only).Some facilities employ car mechanics.I know that some of these mechanics that had licences got up the ranks quicker.


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