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Hello all,

I am renovating a 150 year old stone cottage and have now reached the point when I need to think about insulating the walls. The walls are 500mm thick and have stone outer leaf and stone or brick inner leaf with lime mortar. They seem to be filled with rubble and some clay i.e. there is no cavity. Also the stone on the outside will be exposed, so insulation on the outside is not an option.

The rooms are quite small inside, so I want to minimise the amount of space taken up by dry lining. Obviously I don't want a cold house or condensation/dampness issues in the future.

If anyone has experience in this area could they please point me in the right direction?


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I'd like to resurrect this thread!

I'm interested too!

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Funsterdelux said:
I'd like to resurrect this thread!

I'm interested too!

you might outline exactly what you are dealing with. give some detail...

here's some of the problems you should be careful to avoid

you should really consider involving a conservation arch/ arch tech with knowledge of dampness solutions, ventilation requirements and breathable insulation options. also many old structure have little foundations and often have timber lintels so a structural Eng consultation is advised

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