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Is it possible to view the last numbers texted or called on the vodafone site? my phone is broken and need to get a number.


1) I don't think you're being an ass!

2) You could have chosen a better title for the thread i.e. "Do Vodafone let you view your call records online?"

3) I can't speak for Vodafone but I know that Meteor and O2 do this so I'd imagine Vodafone would too. If you ring customer care I'm sure they could help you out.

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ronano Registered User

jesus it never dawned on me to RING

Sam Vimes Registered User

They don't allow you to do it on pre pay


I've edited the thread title to reflect what the question is about. You're more likely to get a response with a relevant title.

ronano said:
jesus it never dawned on me to RING

There's no need to be smart. Most people would have access to a second phone / landline / work phone.

Sam Vimes said:
They don't allow you to do it on pre pay

What he says.

Calling them is your best option and they may help you but officially they don't go through call history.

ronano Registered User

swear to god i wasnt being smart <3 everytime is all internet/email lark now last time i used the phone to actaully inquire about something twas yonks

i rang was on hold waiting for 8 mins hung up


Given it's not a service they provide you're gonna have to have a little patience. Granted 8 mins is a long time to wait to get through to someone .. but what time did you call at?

You could also try the Vodafone forum and see if one of the staff can help you out.

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