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I am an 18 year-old cub type and I want to head to the furry glen in panti bar on saturday but I will have to go alone because nearly all of my friends are straight or somewhat bi-sexual.This will be my first outing and I think it's apt because I am only into hairy,mature men.What I want to find out is what other people thought when they went to the furry glen night and is it a good place to get myself out there.

mehmeh12 Registered User

Don't Outhouse on capel street have some sort of bear type groups?

Boston Banned

I'll leave it to yourself to look through the pictures and decide if its the type of place you want to go to.

Cubscout Registered User

Some of the men are very very attractive.Just going to something like this alone, I don't know.I suppose it's time to step up.

Boston Banned

You said some of your friends are bi, would they not come? It may be extremely over whelming for heterosexuals though.


Great to see that pantibar is catering for this type of group.

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I will ask them but I amn't exactly sure what type of men they are into.Wouldn't hurt to ask though especially if there are men like this on the right!

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Probably best not to link directly to images

1) You don't own the copyright
2) You don't have the permission of the people in the image.
3) The images are Not Safe For Work.


You can't turn around and make sweeping statements/assumptions about what type of men all the 'bears' who go to the furry glen prefer there is always going to be a range of preferences.

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I thought my assumption was harmless, sorry Thaedydal.Sorry for the direct image also I am reading the rules right now as this is my first thread ever.I just thought the man is hot.I didn't mean to brand the sort of people who go there and what their respective interests are.
Anyways I suppose going alone won't be that bad.I'll just try and talk with a bit of confidence.


It is a big brave step and I am sure you will find the courage to do it and I hope you make friends with in that community and maybe find a special someone, but it will take time, it's not like being cinderella going to the ball.

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Yeah I am expecting a slow start.I've had a good bit of experience with men but nothing that lasted more than a few minutes.I am sure Saturday night will hold some experience in itself.

Boston Banned

Don't get drunk out of your mind. First impression last and its a small gay scene and even smaller gay bear scene. Apart from that try to get a friend to come along.

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The Furry Glen was on in Panti one night I went, and when I saw the bears with cocks hanging from the ceiling I rolled my eyes. But, tbh, I had a good time. Good music, no bitchy queenie types, and generally good clean fun. I'm planning on going to the next one, if I remember.

Reflector Registered User

The Furry Glen is a good night out, very relaxed and easy going. The crowd is defo older but there is no bitchy types and it's just guys having a good time.

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