DessieOH Registered User

Anybody know of any places where you can get american brands like Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister & American Eagle in Ireland. Preferable located in cork...

shebafay Registered User

hi. as far as i know, you cant get hollster and abercrombie in stores here. however, i tink you can buy american eagle online

Pythia Registered User

They aren't sold here. You can get them all online though. Any shops which are selling them are selling fakes, generally overpriced ones too.

idontknowmyname Registered User

If you ever come over to London, all brands are located here. They opened their first Hollister store in the Westfield shopping centre. A&F is on Regent St

deisebabe Registered User

they have no official retailers but i've seen A&F gear in a menswear shop in i guess shops do sell them. I've also seen them in a shop in waterford...but they were fake....the athlone stuff was real.

You can order AE online....bargain alerts sometimes have discount codes.

apkb Registered User

you can get abercrombie in Origin in galway, quiey expensive though, 100+ for hoodies

ciaracp Registered User


Theres a hollister shop in dundrum and an abercrombie just beside trinity college...

melanie 92 Registered User

Ye there's a new Abercrombie shop in Dublin near trinity collage nowhere else in ire sells Abercrombie that's the first shop that came here., and holister thers a shop in dundrum shopping centre in Dublin that's the only holister sho in ire aswell I think an I don't think there's any American eagle in Ireland

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