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Pretty slow download earlier so I just found a torrent of it, 2GBs and it has an error on startup for me, bah.
On Windows 7 RC 64bit btw.

General protection fault!

History: QA_APPROVED_BUILD_OCTOBER_2008 174265 24-07-2009 11:19.11 FMOD: 42200/42200 Game

RaiseException() Address = 0x763298f6 (filename not found) [in C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll]

GColor::GetHSI() Address = 0x1c0676e (filename not found) [in E:\Batman Arkham Asylum\Binaries\ShippingPC-BmGame.exe]

GColor::GetHSI() Address = 0x1a4657f (filename not found) [in E:\Batman Arkham Asylum\Binaries\ShippingPC-BmGame.exe]

GImage::GImage() Address = 0xa371b4 (filename not found) [in E:\Batman Arkham Asylum\Binaries\ShippingPC-BmGame.exe]

GetStackOwnerClass() Address = 0x1510734 (filename not found) [in E:\Batman Arkham Asylum\Binaries\ShippingPC-BmGame.exe]


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It's available through Steam so you should get a nice fast download rate via that. No sign of any video options (although it appeared to be running at full quality for me); I'm impressed with the demo anyway. It seems to be fairly combat-heavy & I'm sceptical that it could get repetitive, just duffing up a series of goons. Otherwise I'll be keeping an eye out on the feedback


Terribly short, but very interesting. Some nice little touches (Detective mode shows some lovely information) The combat is very solid and intuitive, the counterattacks are sweet, it's awfully easy to take on 6 or 7 people at once and look hellishly cool while doing so. Nicely dark and gritty. Mark Hamill is ever the best Joker. Leave a guy dangling from a gargoyle and it's oddly satisfying to watch the others run over to the screams and panic.

Not much shown about actual detective work, so there's probably buggerall in the full game. The swingy grapple goodness isn't as great as it could be (only certain objects can be grappled, I was honestly hoping for something a little more Assassin's Creed for getting around).

Looks like it'll be a solid game. Not breathtakingly amazing, but from the demo anyway it seems well-worth getting.

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With regards the grappling, you can grapple ledges and the like, as well as those gargoyles. So you can get about quite easily. Still not as free roaming as Assassin's Creed, but most of the places are fairly cramped anyway.

I saw somewhere on the net a way of fiddling with the graphics, but can't remember where it was. I'll try and find it and post it here.


Aye, I tried it a second time and discovered a few extra bits and pieces. Should make the takedowns even more fun.

BopNiblets Registered User

Anyone playing it on Windows 7 64 bit without problems?

Perhaps my 8800GTS 256MB is caught out by it.

indough Registered User

BopNiblets said:
Anyone playing it on Windows 7 64 bit without problems?

yeah im running on that with no problems


Ahahaha, scaring the guards until they're jumping at shadows and firing at random scenery is f*cking AWESOME.

BopNiblets Registered User

Aha, got it working with a nVidia driver update, nananananananana BATMAAAN!

I'll have to get used to the over the shoulder camera style, I'm used to chase cam.

Detective mode should have a battery meter or something you can just walk around the whole game with it...

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This game might get repetitive quickly – but I've played it through 3 times and enjoyed. The quality in top notch, so I'm thinking it'll pick it up.

@ BobNibIets: found that I didn't want to stay in detective mode – wanted to see the world in it's grimy glory.

I wonder how the boss battles will play out...

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