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I don't know anything about Jackie Rafter, but it has become apparent over the past few weeks that somebody has got their claws into her and are intent to destroy any "comeback" Jackie may be trying to make. Since Rafter
has become the spokesperson for some beauty thingy she has received some nasty "press" which I don't think is called for. It strikes me that somebody is very jealous of Jackie. Am I the only one of this opinion - or have I missed something?

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are you her?

the sad fact is, the press are mean. so are the public.

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The press can be needlessly cruel sometimes and usually, there is an agenda behind it.

You need to have a thick skin to be in the public eye and some people cannot take adverse/negative press. I would say to those people, butt out of the public eye then. You want to be famous so take the publicity that comes with it - if you can't stand the heat etc.

Having said that, I think she's looks pretty great.

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Lollipops23 said:
are you her?

the sad fact is, the press are mean. so are the public.

No I'm not her - I just felt really sorry for her. Last weekend there were a few articles about her which had a distinct underlying nasty tone about them. I agree with you that the press can be mean but I didn't think this "attack" was justified.


Jackie Rafter is amazing! Looks great, sort of celeb without the attitude. Working in Dalky last I heard. I think there's a lot of jealousy in Ireland for a tall, slim gorgeous woman who has her choice of beaus. Her other 3 sisters are fine, but Jackie got all the pizazz. Maybe she could shine better in America, Ireland can't hack charismatic, beautiful women who aren't afraid to be without a man. She is very athletic too, used to be a cross country runner.

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