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Just over a year ago now, i got my first tattoo, which is an infinity symbol on the inside of my left wrist. I love it dearly, it means a lot to me, and i know that it will always hold importance for me.
My question or query is that perhaps there is some significance or hidden meaning, in its symbology and placement - perhaps a subconcious influence or relevance to my state of mind at the time of inking...?
I have read recently that perhaps wrist tattoos have some kind of symbological meaning, and then with the infintiy symbol too, perhaps there is more to it?
If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on the matter, i would love to hear opinions or further questions.
Thanks in advance


it could mean a whole array of different things to so many different people;

first few things that spring to mind for me are maths, knowledge, 2 people

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Its funny, people i have met interpret it in adifferent ways. Some see it as the mathematical symbol, some see it as infinity in the broader sense, while others see it as the number eight on its side...
When i initially thought of the idea, i saw it as a reminder that there is an infinite number of possibilities in life, and to always look outside the box. I just cant help feeling that there is more to it.
Recently, i had the notion, that when one is checking for a pulse, people either go for your neck, or for your left wrist - which implies a certain something else. Together with the infinity symbol, i believe there is more still.
Will: Where do you get the impression of two people? I can understand the maths and knowledge, but what says 2 people two you?

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