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Does anyone here use I regularily have fun conversations on there so I was wondering does anyone else.

Sometimes I am just myself and chat away, sometimes I slip into a role of someone else for the craic. Post yours if you have them

You: Hello....
Stranger: hello
You: how did you get this number?
Stranger: what number
You: This number, you're a cop aren't you.
Stranger: okay
You: Look man, I'm in hiding I really need to know how you got this number.
Stranger: a man told me ..
You: What man, was it Gerry? That ****ing rat, I'm gonna take his ****ing knee caps for that!
Stranger: no .i donot know
You: You gotta help me, where did you last see him? This is serious bro, I need to know.
Stranger: okay,man.NY
You: NY.......NY........NY is ****ing huge you lumox, where in NY, I gotta get this taken care of before the cops find me. Are you sure you are not a cop? Because if you are it's entrapment, that's illegal
Stranger: no .i am not.
Stranger: and i wiil not tell them.
You: OK man, you gotta help me. Will you do me a favour.
Stranger: you owe me man ..
Stranger: what
Stranger: favour
You: Look I need you to deliver a message and a small package to Gerry, His full name is Gerry McAuley.
You: You will probably find him in the Kinsale Tavern 1672 Third Avenue between 93rd and 94th Street, most days the ****ing alcoholic ****.
You: I will need you to go to the nearest meat-packing plant and get a pig's head. Can you do that?
You: Please man, I am really desperate.
You: Hello?
Stranger: but i am in china
Stranger: and 2009
You: That's a lie and you know it, look man, if you do this for me I will take care of you. I'll take care of you good. But I really need this done by tomorrow night. Please.
Stranger: i am really a chinese,man
You: But there is no way you are in china, this site is blocked there, I NEED you to do this. It's a simple message, I need you to tell Gerry that William Mac says hi, and hand him the Pigs head. It's necessary. Please.
Stranger: you trust me ?
You: Well, I am willing to look past your previous lies. I need this done, and you are the only person I have been in contact with except my Ma, god bless her. Please, once this blows over you will be taken care of.
You: I treat my friends good.
Stranger: hey man.i think you should change another one .
You: Change what?
Stranger: i am really can not help you
You: Why not? Please man, I am begging you. Please!!!!! Kinsale Tavern 1672 Third Avenue between 93rd and 94th Street
Stranger: china .dou yo know?
You: Why would you lie to me, I thought we were friends?
Stranger: i think we are friends too.but i am really in china.
You: You're dead man, you are dead, your whole families dead. I know people big people. You have no clue who you just screwed over. Sayonara asswipe, I'm gonna get you and your whole stinkin family.

Go on, have a conversation with a stranger!!!

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Dammit, I did a search using the term Omegle and didn't even see that!!!

Back in my box then./

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OP I'm not sure if you're conversation is legal.


haha this is great been talking to the best of yanks telling them how i was just home from leprechaun hunting and i caught the pot of gold

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