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Always liked the thread in the cooking / recipes forum - if you're stuck for ideas of what to cook, you can just trawl through a few pages of that until you find something... So why not just copy them! (sorry if this has been done before)

Last night was a bit of a "meh" Veggie chilli (using Quorn mince), pretty much just cooked some shallots, garlic and finely chopped chilli then added the contents of a jar + the mince. Had some tortillas and nice wholegrain rice with it.

Going to put a bit more effort in tonight and make a green lentil lasagne from scratch... Gonna throw some bay leaves, courgette and green pepper into it, and maybe stick some wholegrain mustard into the cheesy roux sauce. First time that I've made lasagne in about 7 years, so wish me luck!

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electro~bitch Registered User

Great idea!

Last night I cooked some rice, fried up some ginger and grated parsnip in a bit of oil and chilli powder, then mixed it all up. Then I wanted a real flavour hit so I mixed in a few spoons of country relish-delish

Moonbaby Registered User

I have 50 sqillion heads of lettuce right now. My garden went beserk when I was away on holiday.

So it will salad till autumn for me I think.

Today was salad with grilled asparagus and halloumi.

Lunch was brie and grilled peaches on rice cakes.

I also found those veggie gummy strawberries Mameoo recommended.
Dey was good.

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entropi Mark It Zero!!

Moonbaby said:
I also found those veggie gummy strawberries Mameoo recommended.
Dey was good.
You must tell me where!! strawberry is my all time favourite food stuff i dont care if they are jellies!!

DonnieScribbles Registered User

Cool, I was thinking of starting a thread like this, but with pictures! Mainly because I like looking at pictures of food.
Yesterday I had two Tesco veggie burgers with spinach and tomato salad. Not very inspired but we'd had no gas for the hob all week because water got into the gas lines so I could only cook with the oven. Looked pretty good on the plate though!

Today I made a curry. Fried some tofu in ginger and garlic, threw in some carrots, some pre-cooked cauliflower, tin of tomatoes, cooked red lentils and a bit of coconut milk. It was okay, a bit mushy. I ate it before I could take a picture though! There's loads left though so I'll probably photograph it tomorrow. I like taking pictures of my dinner

Moonbaby Registered User

Master of Nothing said:
You must tell me where!! strawberry is my all time favourite food stuff i dont care if they are jellies!!

My local shop.
Do you like strawberries enough for a 160miles round trip?

(I'll bring some for you Sunday)

Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

Pics are good.

At the htoel I just had a huge plate of carrots, broccoli, green beans, peas in pods, tomatoes(couldn't eat them!), roast potato and bolied potato. Along with soup(which was lovely). I filled up on bread fearing for my main course. Didn't have a choice, but it was nice.

For second dinnersss, I had 2 garlic&herb quorn chicken fillets, onions and mushrooms.

Eviecus Registered User

I had roast potatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, parsnips and broccoli with garlic and rosemary etc. on them as well as a Linda McCartney Country Pie....deliciousness in a pie.

tman Registered User

Warmed up some of the (sexual) green lentil lasagne from last night for lunch, along with some leftover new potatoes which were fried up... Coupled with a dollop of alliole

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Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

Potatoes all the same size! yumyum.

I had 2 garlic&herb 'chicken' fillets, broccoli, onions, sweetcorn, mushrooms and boiled potatototototoess

maameeo Registered User

i robbed food from my mammys and walked around to my house with a tower of lunch boxes and a carton of milk!

any single veggie chefs around?

Eviecus Registered User

Mmm that lasagne looks so good! I'm gonna try make a vegan one over the weekend! Found some new melty cheesy sauce to make up and will try that!

Last night I had stew with lots of barley & lentils, peppers, potatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli...parsnips...think that's everything... Oh and some home made bread with seedy goodness in it.

Moonbaby Registered User

I had sweetpotato, chickpea and spinach curry, with basmati and naan.

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Sapsorrow Registered User

me n my boyfriend had a whole loaf of rye sourdough with hazelnuts topped with my homemade bread and butter pickles and courgette and tomato chutney. Was to lazy to make a proper dinner n felt really ill after all the bread!

Sapsorrow Registered User

oh ya and a bottle of my freshly racked off apple and elderflower wine

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