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I have this desire to learn how to racewalk properly. I discovered I can walk relatively fast and that I much prefer it over running, but i think more than likely I have the wrong approach/technique to it due to it causing pain after a few hours.
How do I master the basics correctly, is there a club that i can join? I'm male, late twenties in west galway and do not know anyone else who does this


I don't have a contact email for him but Robert Heffernan is always trying to recruit. I met him last xmas and he gave us a demonstration on walking and told us to contact him if any of us wanted to take it up. I don't think any of us did but I did develop a new appreciation for the dicipline. Maybe try contact the RDO for Munster/Cork and see if he can put you in touch. I'm sure there's other ways into it also but I wouldn't have a clue.

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snubbleste said:

How do I master the basics correctly, is there a club that i can join? I'm male, late twenties in west galway and do not know anyone else who does this

As much as I hate to promote another club [only joking Mrak!], Olive Loughnane's sister is with Craughwell AC, so maybe contact them, and see whether she could help you out.
Olive herself is based in Cork, even though she still is a member of Loughrea AC - indeed she competed in the Galway National league team!

I know of one retired race walker, unattached to a club, living in Galway City, if that doesn't work out, I can give him a shout and see whether he would be willing to show you the ropes.


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Be great to see more people give racewalking a go.I usually do sb League for my club and then a gruesome 3k steeple after.
I think you should contact Ray Flynn who is based in sligo.
He is one of Rob Heffernan's biggest mentors and his number 1 supporter.
Look up aai web site and ask for his email.
I know of a guy who ran 3.30ish for the marathon last year an is taking up race walking.

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sorry meant to say 2.30ish(big difference)


thirstywork said:
sorry meant to say 2.30ish(big difference)

Interesting, what age is he?

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I'm from Mayo and Racewalk and we often have group sessions with juvenile athletes in Mayo and we probley wont have any more this year but definitley next year i'd say you could come and you'd be shown

Micheal Lane then does national squad for juvenile right up to the olympians and often the two combined (which is brilliant been on the same track as an olympian) and last year a girl runner came to a session shes in her 20's jamie costin told her to come to one! That was her first day walking and since then she has been training with us juveniles and learining the thecnique. So if you got in touch with Micheal our next squad is on sometime in the mid term break in October he probley welcome you down there usualy in Limerick you'd get expert lessons on your thecnique

Or maybe go to a connaught development squad meeting and just ask whatever walking coach is there could you join in on the session i'd assume there'd be no problems

o and Olive Loughnane didn't start racewalking till she was 19/20 and she is an olympian so its never to late

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Cheers for the replies guys
I think I'll tentatively get in touch with Craughwell AC and see what the set-up is and take it from there


After watching some of the racewalking in the Olympics, I have become interested in taking it up. I have to give up running because I have been injured for 6 months. Niggles just keep coming and going, and anytime I thought they were gone, I just made them worse. I have finally quit running, been 3 weeks now. I have done alot of brisk walking to keep fit, I'd say at least 2-3 hrs a day since my last run(except for days where I cycled alot), but am not sure because I haven't kept track of it. I have a natural tendency to walk fast, but am baffled by how people can reach 10mph, and am even more amazed that they can keep this pace for hours. I'd love to develop the technique. Before my injuries started 6 months ago, I'd say I could run 20km in the 20km racewalk wr time, and I consider that fast for a run. Tbh I have sucked at every single sport I've ever participated in, then when I started distance running I picked it up so fast. I'm hoping I could do the same with walking. I almost get panic attacks even when people talk to me about ball/team sports lol. Am probably just suited to endurance things where you are just doing the same thing constantly and no coordination is required.
I'd love to get advice here as running helped me fight depression and need to fight back again with something else. How long did it take people here to learn how to racewalk properly, also can you tell me about your training?
Sorry about the long winded post, just need to vent because it's not good to keep your problems to yourself


Rob and Marian Heffernan have a facebook fan page called "Rob and Marian Heffernan". They also have a website, so you can contact Rob on that.

Not sure how involved she is now but you can contact 2003 World Silver medalist Gillian O'Sullivan here

Good luck!

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Where are you based? You'd want to find a coach who can show you the correct technique.

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iliketorun said:
After watching some of the racewalking in the Olympics, I have become interested in taking it up. I have to give up running

If you try and it take to it you're probably going to have to change your username.

...I'll get my coat

Seriously though - best of luck in seeking out advice, some of the recommendations already on here seem the best route.

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@iliketorun have you tried cycling?
If you reckon your good at distance ain't nothing like it. Many good cyclists I know started as injured runners. Depending on the injury of course.


Cool thanks for the info. I will check out Rob Heffernan's site for sure. I live in south Dublin so I couldn't meet him in person, but will try and get as much as I can from him online. Seems like all the best athletes in the country live in Cork lol. Does anyone know any racewalkers in Dublin that I could meet?
Ironic having this username lol. Running has been the best but also the worst thing I've done in the past year. I usually cycle everywhere anyway so I could try and become somewhat competitive that way. Would have to put on a good bit of weight though lol which I find hard. All the top cyclists seem to be a few stone more than athletes.
Anyone here racewalk btw? How does the pace feel compared to when your running?

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