Hi all,

I'm going to a fancy dress at the end of the month and want to go as a "hippie"! I have the flowery top, round purple glasses and I'm planning on tie- dying a pair of trousers and sewing in some flares to match the top.
What sort of jewelry should I wear?

And I have mid- length brown hair, I was thinking of doing two plaits with a headband, or should I leave it down and wavy?

Make up is another thing I don't know how to incorporate! Any suggestions?

Also- I would love to get some peace sign/ "flower power" tattoo transfers- does anyone know where I can get these in Dublin city centre?

Thanks for your ideas in advance!!!

R.D. aka MR.D Registered User

Lots of wooden braclets or lots of beads or even better both!

For make-up I would say, really really natural but mabye paint a flower on your cheek.
You can get face-paints in most costume shops/toy shops.

Try Georges arcade for transfers or that costume shop of stephens green beside the Gaiety?
If not you could use the fave paints or a marker!

You could wear the hairband with wavy hair depending how long you hair is it might look better with plaits.

Hope its fun!

MILF Registered User

I am also going to this fancy dress (Hi Lilly!!!)

BlackandGold Registered User

I was checking out sparkage posts on Youtube [the bigger boobs trick!] and she does one tutorial with lots of rainbow colours on her eyes - hippyish I thinks! Have a look



Thanks a million for that, BlackandGold- I copied the rainbow eye thing and it looks so funky!! Can't wait to get dolled up now

milklady Registered User

i would defo do a bright colour on the eyes,pick a colour in your clothes,hickeys always have that kind of stuff and look around for badges???
for hair i would go wavy,try get a flower and use it for your head band?iwould actually pick daisys :-)

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