martin451 Registered User

I am 42 recently separated and wodndering where the over 40s ( bars night clubs) go to meet the opposite sex in Dublin !

Doctor DooM Moderator

Moving to Dublin City.

@ mods, apologies if this isn't your thing, I'm not a lurker in this fine forum

eirebhoy Registered User

Club Nassau is full of women in their 30s, 40s, 50s.

John Mason Hosted Moderator

Bo Jangles

martin451 Registered User

thanks guys
I hope to get courage to check them out - not so easy after being out of the game so long. Presumably going on your own would look very wierd ?

jdivision Registered User

Don't be afraid to try internet dating either, it's the done thing these days. (Haven't done so myself, but a bunch of my mates use it and have met people through it)


Arlington has an older crowd as well.

helimachoptor #TitanUp

Maybe a bit out of your way but Tonic in Blackrock has an older crowd

JuliusCaesar Registered User

Join one of the internet dating sites. They usually have singles nights organised. They are great, very friendly, no pressure, jsut a bunch of singles enjoying themsleves. plentyoffish is free but has nights organised by people locally, the rest you either have to pay for or are (the other free sites) IMHO are useless.

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